Pink Floyd - Amougies Silent Footage
Album info
Length  : 05:33
Format  : DVD
Rating  : 8
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 25-10-1969
Track List
01 Movie 05:33

Recorded at the Festival 'Actuel', Mont de L'Enclus, Amougies, Belgium.
Great quality footage, all silent though. There's a small Pink Floyd segment at the end.

From the info file:

Many of us wants to see more footage of Amougies that's already surfaced.
It's been documented that entire set of 25-10-1969 was filmed and parts of this
released on film 'Amougies Music Power' which is now in french's archives.
I even heard about re-screening of this some years ago - almost 4 Hours of footage
from festival, much of this in colour (Pink Floyd incl. jam with Zappa,Soft Machine,
Gong, Pretty Things, Blossom Toes, Captain Beefheart etc.).
So anyway here's another recovered bit of Floyd's set - 'Green Is The Colour' in Colour!
Unfortunately, all footage is silent. This is 5 minute report about festival from French TV
(i guess this is unbroadcasted at that time). Report include footage of unknown group at the
beginning, Alexis Korner, Interviews with people (again in silent) and Pink Floyd footage.

Hope you enjoy this lost bit!

Running time: 5:34