IQ - The Met Arts Centre, Bury
Album info
Length  : 134:36
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 10-11-2012
Track List
01 Overture 04:27
02 Provider 01:32
03 Subterranea 05:28
04 Sleepless Incidental 06:11
05 Failsafe 08:47
06 Speak My Name 03:46
07 Tunnel Vision 07:16
08 Eternal Chorus 04:36
09 King Of Fools 02:16
10 The Sense In Sanity 04:39
11 State Of Mine 02:20
12 Laid Low 01:27
13 Breathtaker 05:25
14 Capricorn 05:33
15 The Other Side 02:33
16 Unsolid Ground 06:35
17 Somewhere In Time 06:46
18 High Waters 02:53
19 The Narrow Margin 19:30
20 Encore Break 1 02:40
21 Frequency 08:38
22 Widows Peak 09:36
23 Encore Break 2 02:21
24 It All Stops Here 09:21

Recorded at the Met Arts Centre, Bury, Greater Manchester, UK. Very good audience recording.

From the info file:

The Met Arts Centre, Bury, Greater Manchester, England
10th November 2012

Setlist :

Sleepless Incidental
Speak My Name
Tunnel Vision
Eternal Cborus
King Of Fools
The Sense In Sanity
State Of Mine
Laid Low
The Other Side
Unsolid Ground
Somewhere In Time
High Waters
The Narrow Margin
Encore Break 1
Widows Peak
Encore Break 2
It All Stops Here

Lineage : Tascam DR-05 (Internal mics 24/48) > Audacity (minor edits,fade in/out,track splits) > WAV (16/44.1) > TLH(FLAC level 8)

My first torrent upload, fingers crossed everything goes ok.

I was a big fan of IQ in the 80s but only got to see them live once, on their first tour with Paul Menel. After the two albums with Menel, I completely lost track of them until 2004 when I read they were about to release 'Dark Matter' - 'They're still going ?', 'With Pete Nicholls ??', 'Whaaat ???'.

So I bought 'Dark Matter' then went back through 'The Seventh House', 'Subterranea' and 'Ever'. I loved Subterranea straight away but never thought I'd get the chance to see the full show live so this was a really special show for me.

For burning to CD, either follow the Subterranea track listing (split after State
Of Mine) then the encores on a third disc, otherwise the whole show should fit on two discs with a split after 'Somewhere In Time' (79 mins 36 secs).

Please only encode to mp3 for personal use and NEVER buy or sell.
Above all,enjoy !!!