Muse - Sphere Entertainment Complex, Buffalo, NY, USA
Album info
Length  : 72:10
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 21-04-2005
Track List
01 Hysteria 04:23
02 'Cold Aqua tomato' (New Song) Assassin (Early version) 05:35
03 The Small Print 03:36
04 New Born 06:09
05 Citizen Erased 07:33
06 Apocalypse Please 05:01
07 Butterflies and Hurricanes 05:42
08 Thoughts of Dying Athiest 03:17
09 'Time scale keeper' (New Song) Exo-Politics (Early version) 04:43
10 Bliss 04:42
11 Time is Running Out 04:14
12 Plug in baby 05:44
13 Micro Cuts 03:50
14 Stockholm Syndrome 07:41

Recorded at the Sphere, Buffalo, NY, USA. Very good audience recording.

From the info file:

Buffalo State College
Sphere, Buffalo, NY, USA

Source :
Sony ECM 717 Mic > Sony MZ-R700 MD recorder

Transfer :
Master MD > Wav (total recorder) > NERO (tracking and fades) > CDR > EAC > FLAC

01 - Hysteria
02 - 'Cold Aqua tomato' (New Song) Assassin (Early version)
03 - The Small Print
04 - New Born
05 - Citizen Erased
06 - Apocalypse Please
07 - Butterflies and Hurricanes
08 - Thoughts of Dying Athiest
09 - 'Time scale keeper' (New Song) Exo-Politics (Early version)
10 - Bliss
11 - Time is Running Out
12 - Plug in baby
13 - Micro Cuts
14 - Stockholm Syndrome

'After the band came back on stage for an encore, Dom while the band was playing Micro Cuts messed up the drum beat.
While Matt was singing in his high voice for that song he was like 'What the hell?' in his singing voice.
Matt Looked at Dom and laughed and did the same with Chris.
The crows loved it they cheered! Just goes to show how great a band is when they mess up they get cheers
- Chris' .

I'd rate this as a B - for an audience recording. My recording level was a little too high so there is a bit of
distortion in places, but it is not distorted throughout. Also in places the mic picked up someone
tapping / clapping with the beat nearby which is mildy annoying from a recording standpoint but I was not
about to tell them to stop or be quiet..after all I had sneaked my recorder in! I almost got rumbled as they
were patting down on the way in and the security guy found my MD player as he was checking my jacket
pocket. He asked me what was in my pocket so I just took my recorder out and showed it to him
(I made sure that he couldn't see the mic!)...anyway he looked at it for a few seconds and handed it back
to me and told me I was all set! I don't know what he thought it was.He must have seen the red button
marked 'RECORD' right on the front surely!?
It was an awesome set...great night.