Muse - MTV Europe Music Awards (abel91) (1080i TS)
Album info
Length  : 04:50
Format  : Video
Rating  : 9
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 02-11-2006
Track List
01 Starlight 04:50

Recorded at the MTV Europe Music Awards, Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark. Excellent recording, taken from a digital TV broadcast. This is a .TS file.

From the info file:

Muse - MTV Europe Music Awards 2006

Date: 2nd November 2006
Venue: Bella Center
Country: Denmark
City: Copenhagen

Taper: abel91(?)
File Type: .MKV

1. Starlight

So, I got the whole show from a Russian Tracker, I simply cut the parts that featured Muse.
Cheers to the original capper.