Muse - A Campingflight to Lowlands Paradise, Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands (longtalleric) (1080i TS)
Album info
Length  : 04:55
Format  : Video
Rating  : 9
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 20-08-2006
Track List
01 Supermassive Black Hole 04:55

Recorded at the Lowlands Festival, Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands. One track only, excellent quality, taken from a digital TV broadcast. This is a TS file.

From the info file:

Alpha Stage, Lowlands Festival
Biddinghuizen, The Netherlands
20th August 2006

Lineage: Digital Cable (Ziggo) > Humax iHDR5200C > TS > VideoReDo (cuts) > TS

01. Supermassive Black Hole

Video: MPEG-TS, 1920*1080 (16:9), 25.000 fps, overall bitrate 13.1Mbps
Audio: AC3, 6 channels, 16bits, 48KHz, 448kbps

Recorded from 'Live Request', broadcast on 6 April 2013, Nederland 3.