Eloy - Stuttgart, Maxim (BIbER master-series #020)
Album info
Length  : 106:54
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 27-09-1984
Track List
Stuttgart, Maxim (BIbER master-series #020) (Disc 1) 66:36
01 Intro / Shadow And Light 07:11
02 Seeds Of Creation 04:41
03 All Life Is One 07:02
04 Nightriders 05:07
05 Metromania 06:14
06 On The Verge Of Darkening Light 10:25
07 Heartbeat 06:14
08 Silhouette 04:09
09 End Of An Odyssey 10:38
10 The Stranger 04:55
Stuttgart, Maxim (BIbER master-series #020) (Disc 2) 40:18
01 Through A Somber Galaxy 14:48
02 Audience 01:07
03 Escape To The Heights 05:20
04 Poseidons's Creation 11:32
05 Audience 01:27
06 Time To Turn 06:04

Recorded at the Maxim, Stuttgart, Germany. Very good audience recording.

From the info file:

Stuttgart, Germany
27. September 1984

BIbER master-series #020

Master - Audience recording from old Maxell UD C-90 Tapes

This concert was taped with a Toshiba-walkman (don't know what kind of Toshiba it was) and an unknown
microphone clipped on the walkman.

Here we have another one in a row of many upcoming masters from a friend of mine who taped hundreds of
concerts in the Stuttgart-area, the Schwabenländle, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, Europe and maybe
the whole Universe at all. They might show up here one after another. Don't ever ask me what might come next,
but be surprised by all the music that now will see the light of DIME.

Anyway here is the master as it is on the original cassette. No corrections were made.
The sound-quality is -for its age- excellent -. Well done, BIbER!!
One cut in songs number 7 and 8 due to tape-flip

Now Eloy. German Prog-Rock. Curious, I cannot remember if I have seen them in my very early years as I always
verwwechsel them with Guru Guru and I think these are two completely different bands. Anyway: here's some
memories from the BIbER of that concert: recording-position. 7 meters from the stage on the right side,
Mr. Bornemann wore a Mütze with an Anarchie-button. That's it, no more memories left anymore.

Cover and Label Artwork for this show is included.

Setlist: (help us out with it!!)

Line-Up: (unconfirmed)

Frank Bornemann

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And -of course- a big thanks to the original-taper: thank you, BIbER!!!!!