Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Fonda Theatre - Hollywood
Album info
Length  : 99:21
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 8
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 15-04-2013
Track List
01 Decimal 01:21
02 Please Remain Seated 00:44
03 Metroland 07:41
04 Messages 04:47
05 Tesla Girls 03:46
06 Dresden 04:05
07 History Of Modern (Part I) 04:47
08 (Forever) Live And Die 04:08
09 If You Leave 05:10
10 Souvenir 04:09
11 Night Cafe 03:46
12 Joan Of Arc 03:36
13 Maid Of Orleans 04:55
14 Our System 04:15
15 Atomic Ranch 00:30
16 Kissing The Machine 04:13
17 So In Love 04:02
18 Sister Marie Says 04:16
19 Locomotion 04:08
20 Sailing On The Seven Seas 04:26
21 Enola Gay 06:03
22 Encore Break 00:59
23 Walking On The Milky Way 04:17
24 Secret 04:49
25 Electricity 04:28

Recorded at the Fonda Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA. Excellent audience recording.

From the info file:

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark
The Fonda Theatre - Los Angeles, CA
April 15th, 2013


Taper: mixter_


Lineage / Equipment:

12' from rail / dead center / fob -> 6.5' h -> slavesound omni's -> custom bb - no bass roll-off ->
edirol r09 (48/24) -> sandisk 16gb class 4 sd -> reader -> audition 3.0 - slight level boost (no normalization)
(+4dB l / +2dB r) (de-clap process) -> har-bal 2.3 slight eq (bass attenuate, treble boost) -> audition 3.0 -
dither to 16/44.1 -> cd wave editor (track split) -> tlh (flac 8, etc...) -> DIME -> you -> sense of enjoyment ->
sharing is caring -> support the artist (yes) -XX convert to mp3 (no!!!).

K.I.L.L. = Keep It LossLess. Convert to mp3 or shortwave radio for personal use only.
Please do no sell or attempt to profit from this recording. I do ask that any reposts, links
or artwork credit me as the original taper.


01. Decimal
02. Please Remain Seated
03. Metroland
04. Messages
05. Tesla Girls
06. Dresden
07. History Of Modern (Part I)
08. (Forever) Live And Die
09. If You Leave
10. Souvenir
11. Night Cafe
12. Joan Of Arc
13. Maid Of Orleans

14. Our System
15. Atomic Ranch
16. Kissing The Machine
17. So In Love
18. Sister Marie Says
19. Locomotion
20. Sailing On The Seven Seas
21. Enola Gay
22. Encore Break
23. Walking On The Milky Way
24. Secret
25. Electricity


Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark...

Andrew McCluskey - Vocals, Bass Guitar, Occasional Keyboards
Paul Humphreys - Keyboards, Vocals
Martin Cooper - Keyboards, Saxophone
Malcolm Holmes - Drums, Percussion

The Band / Performance:

OMD have succeeded where very few of their Eighties colleagues / counterparts have; they have released a very successful
sophomore post reunion album in 'English Electric'. The band has eschewed the garish pop formula that has become a staple
of their post 'Junk Culture' releases in favour of the more avant experimental tone found on 'Organization' and mixter_
favourite 'Dazzle Ships'. The almost too earnest 'Dresden' is perhaps the exception. Tracks like the 7-minute 'Metroland'
and the Bartos co-penned 'Kissing The Machine' may borrow a bit heavily from their German predecessors, but are brilliant
nonetheless. 'Night Cafe' is simply pure OMD perfection.

After a 23 year hiatus (20 if you count the McCluskey / Kershaw years) from performing in The States, the band finds itself
in the SoCal area for the third time and the second time in this venue in the last two years.

The band performs a set of 14 classics, 2 hits from HOM and no less than 8 new tracks (3 of which are the interlude pieces
that were features as animated videos). Once again, OMD have relied exclusively on their impeccable harmonies, performance
skills as evidenced in the cannon fire drumming of 'Maid of Orleans' and Andy's eclectic dance manoeuvres. Once again the
band left the video projectors and LED light show in the trailer. Over all an excellent performance. Fan favourite 'Secret'
was performed as an encore this time around. A song they were ill-prepared to play two years ago as they did not have the
Pro-Tools stems or Fairlight samples then. On a side note, I have always wondered if it bugs Paul to hear his ex-wife's
voice throughout. On second listening, he does say 'Thanks for the vocals Mo' while introducing the song. A class act to be
sure. 'Talking Loud And Clear', 'Radio Waves' and the pre-split 'Dreaming' did not make it this time around.

The Recording:

I had a particularly loud clapper over my right shoulder. Thankfully the worst parts are between songs. I have made an
effort to attenuate most of the peaks through Audition. This has rendered the applause as sounding less than natural but
has enabled me to better balance the musical portions. Also, I found it necessary to boost both 'Decimal', 'Please Remain
Seated' and the intro notes to 'Metroland' by +6 dB. There is a volume and tonal shift in the synth notes before the under
the stage subs kick in during 'Metroland'. The engineer should have pushed the levels a bit during 'Decimal' and PRS IMHO
because they were pretty quiet. It's less than ideal that's why I have rated this as EX-. On a much more positive note,
levels were dialed and I had no chatterers or screamers in my immediate vicinity. IMHO, the dynamics and stereo separation
are about as good as my modest rig gets. You will not be disappointed by the performance nor the recording.

My recording of their History of Modern Part One Tour from the same venue (now re-dubbed 'The Fonda Theatre') can still
be found on the tracker here...


My placement and rig are the same, so you may want to pick up that one as well while supplies last. Sadly my concert budget
prevented me from attending and taping the soundcheck this time around. I can only imagine that it was fantastic.

Dedicated to my brother who decided to attend 'The Selecter' instead and get his arm signed by one Paulina Black.
Happy Birthday, bro!

Please support the band by buying their excellent album 'English Electric' on Bertlesman's Music Group or attending one of
their outstanding shows...


Is anyone out there listening? Feel free to comment.