Camel - Amsterdam (MvD-100)
Album info
Length  : 144:20
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 26-10-2013
Track List
Amsterdam (MvD-100) (Disc 1) 72:19
01 Opening 00:41
02 The Great Marsh 01:59
03 Rhayader 03:06
04 Rhayader Goes To Town 05:23
05 Sanctuary 03:02
06 Fritha 01:38
07 The Snow Goose 03:03
08 Friendship 01:55
09 Migration 03:32
10 Rhayader Alone 03:54
11 Flight of the Snow Goose 02:11
12 Preperation 03:41
13 Dunkirk 05:47
14 Epitaph 01:32
15 Fritha Alone 01:43
16 La Princesse Perdue 04:52
17 The Great Marsh 02:37
18 Audience 00:28
19 Never Let Go 07:57
20 Song Within a Song 07:40
21 Air Born 05:38
Amsterdam (MvD-100) (Disc 2) 72:01
01 Echoes 07:47
02 The Hour Candle 07:12
03 Tell Me 04:42
04 Wait 05:03
05 Watching the Bobbins 07:21
06 story about a fox 00:59
07 Fox Hill 10:17
08 For Today 12:14
09 band introductions 01:03
10 Lady Fantasy 15:23

Recorded at the Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Very good audience recording.

From the info file:

Artist: Camel
Title: Return of the Snow Goose
Date: 26 october 2012
Type: Audience
Tour: Snow Goose 2013
Location: De Melkweg, Rabozaal, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Rating: A- (rated by taper)
Catalog: MVD-100

SOURCE: Church ST-11 Cards - Church pre-amp STC-9000 (high pass filter on) -
iRiver H340 (44.1 kHz) - HDD - FLAC
Recorded by Symfan

ALT. SOURCE: used for patches recorded by Floydiandolf
with Tascam DR-05 at 24 bit 96 kHz WAV


Disc 1
01. audience
02. The Great Marsh
03. Rhayader
04. Rhayader Goes to Town
05. Sanctuary
06. Fritha
07. The Snow Goose
08. Friendship
09. Migration
10. Rhayader Alone
11. Flight of the Snow Goose
12. Preperation
13. Dunkirk
14. Epitaph
15. Fritha Alone
16. La Princesse Perdue
17. The Great Marsh
18. audience
19. Never Let Go
20. Song Within a Song
21. Air Born

Disc 2
01. Echoes
02. The Hour Candle
03. Tell Me
04. Wait
05. Watching the Bobbins
06. story about a fox
07. Fox Hill
08. For Today
09. band introductions
10. Lady Fantasy

Recorded live at Rabozaal, De Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Recording spot: centre, standing FOS (6 rows from the front)
Date: 26 october 2013.
Recorded on iRiver H340 using Rockbox, r18339 build 080824.
Recording format: 44.1 Khz WAV
Microphones: Church ST-11 Cardiods with STC-9000 preamp, high pass filter on
Sound enhancement with Soundforge 10.0 / Adobe 2.0
Sound editing with xACT 2.24 and Soundforge
Flacs created with xACT 2.24 (level 7)

The Band
Andy Latimer - flute, guitars, vocals
Colin Bass - bass, guitars, vocals
Guy Le Blanc - keyboards
Denis Clement - drums, bass
Jason Hart - keyboards, guitar

I recorded this show standing in front of the stage, 6th row from the front.
It was a full house, but the audience was quiet, especially during The Snow Goose. During the second
set there is some audience that you hear; not distracting though.
There were some issues with the recording. During the second half of the second set the were some
distortions in the recording; I think one of my cables has a connection problem. I found another
recording on DIME by Floydiandolf. I used this to patch the glitches. Some are hardly noticeable, but
especially Lady Fantasy needed lots of small repairs. But I figured it's better listenable with them.
So a big thanks to Floydiandolf for his recording. Otherwise this might not have seen the light of day.
Tracks were slightly EQ-ed and volume was a bit corrected, but I kept the dynamics in tact.
I use no compression. After correction, tracks were split at sector boundaries.
Flacs are tagged for convenient playback on compatible systems.

After his illness Andy Latimer decided to take the Camel beast back on the road for a short tour.
Luckily he didn't forget the Netherlands, so we got to see and hear the revival of The Snow Goose.
They played the 'enhanced' version, with some songs rearranged and extended. The new CD release also has
this new arrangement. It works very well for me. The other songs take us through the Camel catalogue.
Not all albums were done (no Nude), but I understand they had to choose. The set worked well and sound was pretty good (though a bit reverb of the hall). The occasional flaws are present, but all in all a very
enjoyable concert of a band I thought I'd never see again live. Hope you enjoy my recording of the return
of The Snow Goose.

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Prepared by Symfan.
november 2013