IQ - Just Changing Board (1983-1991)
Album info
Length  : 72:15
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : Various
Track List
01 Just Changing Hands (live 1983) 05:11
02 The Magic Roundabout (live 1984) 07:48
03 Outer Limits (live 1985) 07:16
04 Human Nature (early demo 1986) 09:08
05 No Love Lost (live 1987) 05:31
06 Unknown Instrumental (demo 1988) 01:38
07 Over The Moon (live 1987) 04:59
08 Still Life (live 1988) 05:45
09 Nothing At All (live 1988) 04:15
10 Wurensh (demo 1988) 02:24
11 Nostalgia / Falling Apart At The Seams (live 1991) 10:18
12 It All Stops Here (live 1991) 08:02

Compilation of unreleased live and studio tracks. Sound quality varies, but is great overall.

From the info file:

LDB Special Series #463

Out of my 17,000+ shows and radio broadcasts, I have many concerts that were special for some reasons: the setlist, the
musicians, the venue or unexpected events. These are the ones I'd like to propose you. Most of these come from my
cassettes collection, so they will be released at a slower pace than my Master Series! But you won't be disappointed!
I will try to gather the most unusual things I have in my collection and, as always, your feedback and comments will be my
reward for all the work involved in this project.

DO NOT share this music on mp3, just convert it for your own use. Sharing mp3's is the right way to make me stop sharing
music here.

'Just Changing Board' a compilation of forgotten items in the attic

01.Just Changing Hands (live 1983)
02.The Magic Roundabout (live 1984)
03.Outer Limits (live 1985)
04.Human Nature (early demo 1986)
05.No Love Lost (live 1987)
06.Unknown Instrumental (demo 1988)
07.Over The Moon (live 1987)
08.Still Life (live 1988)
09.Nothing At All (live 1988)
10.Wurensh (demo 1988)
11.Nostalgia / Falling Apart At The Seams (live 1991)
12.It All Stops Here (live 1991)

TT 72:22

Lineage: soundboard > n generation copy > Teac Tape Deck AD-RW900 > Creative Sound Blaster Recon 3D > HD >
SoundForge 7.0 > CD Wave > FLAC Frontend (level 6)

Mike Holmes - guitar
Martin Orford - keyboards, backing vocals
Paul Cook - drums
John Jowitt - bass
Tim Esau - bass
Peter Nicholls - vocals
Paul Menel - vocals

Nice compilation of unreleased live and studio tracks spanning what is considered the best era of the band. I
have left the compilation exactly as it is, all the tracks are quite raw but neverless very interesting. Sound
wise very good to excellent. These were all recorded in Europe over a 8 years period. I am sure you will find
quite a few surprises. Unfortunately I have no details of the recording except for the year, which seem accurate.