Pink Floyd - Secret Rarities - Rev.A (TPR CD 010)
Album info
Length  : 42:35
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 8
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : Various
Track List
01 Like A Rolling Stone (David Gilmour demo 1983) 01:48
02 Like A Rolling Stone (David Gilmour demo 1983 - FM source) 01:46
03 Learning To Fly (Jon Carin demo 1986) 02:19
04 Learning To Fly (Jon Carin demo 1986 - FM source) 01:27
05 The Dogs Of War (demo 1986) 01:16
06 Signs Of Life (outtake 1986) 03:50
07 Untitled #1 (demo 1993) 01:49
08 Untitled #2 (demo 1993) 02:32
09 Untitled #3 (demo 1993) 02:32
10 Untitled #4 (demo 1993) (incl. What Do You Want From Me) 03:39
11 Untitled #1 (outtake 1993) 05:59
12 Wearing The Inside Out (outtake 1993) 02:39
13 Cluster One 04:17
14 Marooned 03:35
15 Untitled (incl. High Hopes) 03:07

Great collection of demos and outtakes. Very interesting listen. Great SQ.

From the info file:

PINK FLOYD - Secret Rarities - Rev.A
[ This Place Records TPR CD 010 ]

Demos & outtakes 1983-1993

01. Like A Rolling Stone (David Gilmour demo 1983)
02. Like A Rolling Stone (David Gilmour demo 1983 - FM source)
03. Learning To Fly (Jon Carin demo 1986)
04. Learning To Fly (Jon Carin demo 1986 - FM source)
05. The Dogs Of War (demo 1986)
06. Signs Of Life (outtake 1986)
07. Untitled #1 (demo 1993)
08. Untitled #2 (demo 1993)
09. Untitled #3 (demo 1993)
10. Untitled #4 (demo 1993) (incl. What Do You Want From Me)
11. Untitled #1 (outtake 1993)
12. Wearing The Inside Out (outtake 1993)
The Instrumental Suite (outtake 1993):
13. - Cluster One
14. - Marooned
15. - Untitled (incl. High Hopes)


This is a revised version from the one I shared previously (in 2008 on JAC and
in May 2013 on Yeeshkul!). Tracks are either upgrades compared to previous
versions, or new tracks (tracks 2, 11, 13, 14 and 15).

Tracks 1, 3, 5 and 6 come from a tape that David Gilmour brought to BBC Radio
One studios on 28Jul92, for his interview by Nick Horne (promoting the 'Shine
On' box set). They are from a pre-FM source and sound slightly better than the
versions on the previous release, but are still mono. For that reason, the
current compilation also includes the versions of 'Like A Rolling Stone'
(track 2) and 'Learning To Fly' (track 4) taken from the stereo FM broadcast
('The Dogs Of War' and 'Signs Of Life' were on the tape but were not broadcast
during the BBC show).

The most significant upgrades are the 4 untitled demos from 1993 (tracks 7 to
10), for which I received unprocessed versions some months ago. The versions
circulating until now had severe NR and were very muffled. The new versions
offered here have some hiss, but sound natural and clear. The 1st demo was
apparently assembled from two jams, and the first part was probably accelerated
in order to have the same pitch as the second part. This demo was later
developed and properly recorded by the band (the resulting studio outtake can
be heard on track 11). The 4th demo is also an assemblage, from four separate
jams (the third one containing the ascending chord sequence that appeared later
on 'What Do You Want From Me').

The outtake of 'Wearing The Inside Out' (track 12) is from the same source as
previously ('Bear In Tree' RoIO), with muffled sound as if the tape was played
back with Dolby ON while the recording was not using Dolby. It was carefully
remastered in order to bring some clarity and now sounds slightly better than
the previous version.

The last 3 tracks are completely new, and form together an 11 minute
instrumental suite. These outtakes probably come from an early version of 'The
Division Bell' album, and reveal that the first intention of the Floyd was to
make a long instrumental piece where 'Cluster One' segues into 'Marooned', and
then into a third part with percussions. This third part was abandoned for the
final version of the album, but its harmonies were re-used in the bridge of
'High Hopes'. Please note that this instrumental suite was given to me with
plenty of digi-noises, crackles and clicks, and was almost unlistenable in its
rough form. I used de-clicking and de-crackling methods in order to make it
listenable and even enjoyable - but you can still hear some kind of 'surface'
noise or saturation during the loud parts. There is still hope to get a better
(cleaner) version in the future. In the meantime, this is the best as it could

This new year will see the 20th anniversary of 'The Division Bell' album, so it
seems to be a perfect time to share these upgraded and new rarities.


January 1, 2014

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041686d2f4c0f531fba59febca8c5d88 *02 Like A Rolling Stone (David Gilmour demo 1983 - FM source).flac
b9eff5b9fa95b823df9b345775915d0b *03 Learning To Fly (Jon Carin demo 1986).flac
9b17a67f2e169788b27eab23a6326c51 *04 Learning To Fly (Jon Carin demo 1986 - FM source).flac
ca614def8f7dd508c7c289b9fe7fbc3a *05 The Dogs Of War (demo 1986).flac
879d206b0cf4685bb634bd7f531552ad *06 Signs Of Life (outtake 1986).flac
ea3a683d79a5bde2e06655fa554711b2 *07 Untitled #1 (demo 1993).flac
60411eb8d0610f75d2be2cf1ce19ae3f *08 Untitled #2 (demo 1993).flac
db03ba71a89855ebbda3bdbf0a206e2b *09 Untitled #3 (demo 1993).flac
3a14282028dcc45a04918d9c53828734 *10 Untitled #4 (demo 1993).flac
1f2ba702d6c63445124a555ac2338827 *11 Untitled #1 (outtake 1993).flac
995f4022fdc674472c2dc687901e08eb *12 Wearing The Inside Out (outtake 1993).flac
c5b22f3b5b7a77d5f3e77c7db3b254c0 *13 Cluster One (outtake 1993).flac
080f6c97db096f44d16e05a6bbfd3f9a *14 Marooned (outtake 1993).flac
239914682875d7b61197584fbd72eb1f *15 Untitled (outtake 1993).flac