Pink Floyd - Wondering & Dreaming (Volume 1)
Album info
Length  : 71:24
Format  : DVD
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : Various
Track List
01 Menus 00:06
02 Main Movie 71:18

Great collection of early Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett footage. See info file below for details.

From the info file:

Syd Barrett
Wondering & Dreaming
Vol.1 (1966-67)

1. Syd's First Trip - Summer of 1966

Home Movies, Gog Magog Hills, London

Summer 1966 (early confused as summer of 65!)

8mm movies by Nigel Gordon showing one of the first Syd's
mushroom trip.

This was appeared on collector's market in 90's.

One of the sources is good VHS copy & other is make by Harvested.
Thanks Ron, Thanks MOB!

2. 'San Francisco' by Anthony Stern, 1968

Anthony Stern developed the concept of the impressionistic documentary

with the making of this BFI financed film.

The film features a very early version of Interstellar Overdrive.

Recorded at Thompson Private Recording Studios on 31 October, 1966.

Film actually appeared in 1968.

3. 'Tonight Let's All Make Love In London' - Floyd bits, 1967

As we pretty knows, Pink Floyd recorded own music
for the soundtrack of this film on 11-12.01.1967

Soundtrack LP (as film) released in 1968.

For the first time i included short movie excerpts with
original 'Interstellar Overdrive' version

4. London 66-67 (Japan edition & More)

1) 11/12.01.1967 - Sound Techniques Studio
2) 30.12.1966 - UFO Club
3) 17.01.1967 (??) - Commonwealth Institute, London (??)

Live in studio perfomance of 2 songs: IO and Nick's Boogie.
Both recordings made for the underground movie 'Tonight Let's
all Make in London' (see previous chapter). Filmed by Peter Whitehead.
Released in 1994.

Also film intercut with concert footage of floyd, 14 Hour Technicolour Dream event,
The Move & John's Children footage also included.

Some technical info about Japan version:

BMG Laserdisc > Unknown Player > Unknown Recorder > DVDR

-A comparision between the BMG Laserdisc & the Snapper DVD-
DVD from BMG Laserdisc: 1994 Hathor / See For Miles
Video Bitrate: ~8.3 Mbps
Video Frame size: 704 x 480
Audio: Dolby Digital 48k sampling @ 256kbps
Length: 29:42

Snapper DVD: 2005 Hathor / Pucka Records
Video Bitrate: ~6 Mbps
Video Frame size: 720 x 480
Audio: Dolby Digital 48k sampling @ 224kbps

Length: 29:18

(c) Pschnob

Seeing various documentaries, i found rare bit, that deleted from film.
It's included here.

Also 1994 promo + VH1 clip you get as nice bonus :)

5. Syd's Silent Home Movies - 1966 or early 67

Don't hold your breath too high! It was widely seen & available
snippet of one of Syd's home movies
(broadcasts in two documentaries, at least!).
Where it was shot & location still a mystery.
Probably it was shot in autumn of 66,
or early 67? Need to compare Syd's photos from this dates.