Eloy - Mannheim (fbauer)
Album info
Length  : 150:12
Format  : 2 DVD
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 18-12-1998
Track List
Mannheim (fbauer) (Disc 1) 100:17
01 Menus 00:01
02 Main Movie 100:16
Mannheim (fbauer) (Disc 2) 49:55
01 Menus 00:01
02 Main Movie 49:54

Recorded at the Capitol, Mannheim, Germany. Very good audience recording. Note that after about 55 minutes on disc 1 (right after 'Generation Of Innocence'), the taper hides his camera and the screen goes black for about 45 minutes - the camera continues to record the sound. After the drum solo (at the very end of disc 1) the image appears again, and it turns out that that the taper changed position from the balcony to the floor. Disc 2 starts with 'Silhouette' and the taper makes quite some nice closeups from here. After 'Illuminations' he decides to go back to the balcony again, and keeps the camera rolling during his move. Images of the band appear again at the beginning of 'The Sun Song'.
This is probably a transfer from a VHS to a standalone DVD recorder.

From the info file:

ELOY 1998-12-18 Capitol, Mannheim, Germany (aud video NEW to DIME)

(dec 18, 1998)
Mannheim, Germany

'OCEAN 2 - THE ANSWER' - tour

audience video recording
screenshot attached in comments section


01. Between Future And Past > Paralysed Civilization
02. Ro Setau
03. The Apocalypse
04. Awakening Of Consciousness > Reflections From The Spheres Beyond
05. Generation Of Innocence
06. Voyager Of The Future Race
07. Follow The Light
08. Time To Turn
09. All Life Is One
10. Mysteriuos Monolith > Drum Solo > Silhouette
11. Illuminations
12. The Sun Song
13. The Answer
14. Poseidon's Creation
15. The Tide Returns Forever

total time DVD1 100:17 min.
total time DVD2 49:54 min.

dvd specs:
video codec: MPEG-1/2 Video (mpgv)
resolution: 720x576
frame rate: 25
audio codec: A52 Audio (aka AC3)(a52)
channels: stereo
sample rate: 48kHz
bitrate: 384kbps

Frank Bornemann - guitar, voc
Klaus-Peter Matziol - bass
Michael Gerlach - keys
Bodo Schopf - drums
guest musicians:
Hannes Arkona - lead guitar
Susanne Schaetzle - backing vocals
Tina Lux - backing vocals

'Eloy' (1971)
'Inside' (1973)
'Floating' (1974)
'Power And The Passion' (1975)
'Dawn' (1976)
'Ocean' (1977)
'Live' (1978)
'Silent Cries And Mighty Echoes' (1979)
'Colours' (1980)
'Planets' (1981)
'Time To Turn' (1982)
'Performance' (1983)
'Metromania' (1984)
'Ra' (1988)
'Destination' (1992)
'The Tides Return Forever' (1994)
'Ocean 2: The Answer' (1998)
'Visionary' (2009)


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