IQ - Melkweg, Amsterdam, NL (halleypeter)
Album info
Length  : 121:51
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 24-04-2014
Track List
01 From The Outside In 08:15
02 The Darkest Hour 10:18
03 The Road Of Bones 08:30
04 No Love Lost 05:32
05 Ryker Skies 10:25
06 Without Walls 20:06
07 The Wake 04:35
08 Leap Of Faith 07:32
09 Until The End 13:02
10 The 7th House 16:46
11 Subterranea 08:11
12 Frequency 08:39

Recorded at the Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Very good audience recording.

From the info file:

Artist: IQ
Date: 2014-04-24
Venue: Melkweg (oude zaal/old hall)
City, country: Amsterdam, Netherlands

01 - From the Outside In
02 - The Darkest Hour
03 - The Road of Bones
04 - No Love Lost
05 - Ryker Skies
06 - Without Walls
07 - The Wake
08 - Leap of Faith
09 - Until the End
10 - The Seventh House
11 - Subterranea
12 - Frequency

Recorded with Zoom H1 at 24 bits / 96000 hz. Left side of stage, under the balcony. Close to the merchandise stand.

Hard-limited (+13Db) and downsampled to 16/44 with Cool Edit Pro
Tracks split with CD Wave Editor. Flacs (level 8) created with Trader's Little Helper.

Should this bootleg have a title it would have been: 'the audience recording'. Not that there is any soundboard recording, but the audience is annoyingly present in it. Recordingwise the music is okay, but sometimes completely drowns in all the talking and shouting in the venue. Having omnidirectional mics in the Zoom H1 doesn't help either. They pick up everything in the venue.
Rate it? B-, or 5 out of 10. Not a great recording. But then I'm no professional taper. I only record because I want to have a souvenir of the gigs I went to.

Soundwise we didn't have a great spot in the Melkweg (the old venue). My wife wanted to sit when she was tired, so it became a bench near the merchandise table on the left side, under the balcony, just aside of the PA. Also meaning the sound had less volume.

The very nice ladies at the table were having more and more fun while the gig lasted. Handing out glowsticks to everyone. Fun - sure. Enjoyed it as well. But wow, they became so noisy the music was even hard to hear...
So I moved a bit to the back. A bit better (volume drops a tiny bit). But then beer started to take over the guys in front of me. 'Seventh house - wow, what a beautiful song!' One of them shouted. And went on talking with his friends throughout the entire song.

Don't these people realise how utterly annoying and distracting they are to other people that just want to hear the music? They could better go to a pub and put a dime in the jukebox. Cheaper for them and more fun for us.

Oh yeah, IQ was there too... hadn't seen them in quite a few years (Dark Matter tour was the last one, if I remember well). Still solid and a joy to see and hear them. They played a few songs from their new album Road of Bones. Maybe played those songs a bit shaky and unsure. But still very good. The album is 100% IQ. So every IQ fan is gonna like it. Available in 2 tastes: single and double.

Download at your own risk... it's an audience recording... :-).
There's a couple of videos at Youtube as well, BTW.

Better buy official cd's if you haven't got them (all)! The IQ discography is a treasure trove for prog fans!