Pink Floyd - Shine On (interviews) (PP 006)
Album info
Length  : 76:07
Format  : DVD
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : Various
Track List
01 Menus 01:06
02 Main Movie 75:01

Compilation of interviews, taken from TV broadcasts. Quality varies, but is great overall.

From the info file:

I'm making some research about old interviews.
My attention was for some old Roger Waters interviews (1984-1985)
I re-found this old DVD, on sale in the past, that is a compilation of interviews, get from TV specials.
I think that only the Roger Waters interview from 1985 isn't available on dvd.

Who made the DVD divide in Chapters.

Here the list:

Chapter 1 and 2: VH1 Pink Floyd Special (1994)
Chapter 3: Roger Waters Interview (1994) called 'The History And Evolution Of Rock & Roll' that can be found on DVD 'Eight Miles High'
MTV Rockumentary (1989)
Roger Waters Innerview (1984)
Chapter 4,5 and 6: Special MTV Pink Floyd In Europe (1994)
Chapter 7: Roger Waters Much Music Interview (1985)
Chapter 8: Roger Waters MTV Interview (1987)
Chapter 9: Roger Waters Interview with Jim Ladd promo for What God Wants (1992)
Roger Waters CBS Interview (1983)
Chapter 10:David Gilmour Rock TL Interview (1988)
Bob Geldof And Alan Parker Interview (1982)
Roger Waters Much Music Interview (1985)

The specials aren't complete, it's a mix, but don't ask me which logic follow.


Nipote - 2014-12-29