Pink Floyd - Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett - BBC Transcription Discs
Album info
Length  : 27:54
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 8
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : Various
Track List
Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett - BBC Transcription Discs (Disc 1) 11:13
01 Trailer 01:00
02 Julia Dream [Pink Floyd] 02:39
03 Interview [Roger Waters] 01:21
04 Let There Be More Light [Pink Floyd] 03:47
05 Murderistic Women [Pink Floyd] 02:26
Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett - BBC Transcription Discs (Disc 2) 08:44
01 Opening 00:27
02 Point Me At The Sky [Pink Floyd] 04:37
03 Embryo [Pink Floyd] 03:40
Pink Floyd & Syd Barrett - BBC Transcription Discs (Disc 3) 07:57
01 Trailer 00:59
02 Gigolo Aunt [Syd Barrett] 03:05
03 Effervescing Elephant [Syd Barrett] 01:14
04 Terrapin [Syd Barrett] 02:39

Recorded at the BBC, London, UK, on 3 July 1968, 1 January 1969 and 18 March1970. Excellent sound quality.

From the info file:

This tracks are taken from genuine original BBC Transcription discs and to my knowledge this versions was not booted until this day. I remove all other groups and leave only Pink Floyd tracks. I believe this version have upgrades of Point Me At The Sky & Embryo, have longer Waters interview from 1968 + it's seems that Julia Dream is longer for a couple of seconds. Although Syd Barrett tracks are well known, here they presented with Brian Matthew joyful comments. It's a cryin' shame that nothing from 1967 session was preserved on this discs.

Here's tracklist of all three discs

0192 (week 31)
Spencer Davis Group - Dust My Blues
The Settlers - As Long As There's Love
[B]The Pink Floyd - Julia Dream [/B]
Cupid's Inspiration - Yesterday Has Gone
Donovan - Skip Along Sam
Spencer Davis Group - With His New Face On
The Settlers - Early Morning Rain
[B]The Pink Floyd - Let There Be More Light [/B]
Donovan Hast - Thou Seen the Unicorn
Cupid's Inspiration - Dream
Spencer Davis Group - Mr Second Class
[B]The Pink Floyd - Murderistic Women[/B]
The Settlers - I Don't Have a Penny to My Name
Donovan - Hurdy-Gurdy Man

0218 (week 5)
Cliff Bennett And His Band - Back In The USSR
Jethro Tull - Beggars Farm
Marmalade - Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da
[B]Pink Floyd - Point Me at The Sky [/B]
Herman's Hermits - I Can Take Or Leave Your Loving
Cliff Bennett And His Band - Danger Zone
Jethro Tull - Love Story
Herman's Hermits - Save the Last Dance for Me
Marmalade - Mr Business Man
[B]Pink Floyd - The Embryo [/B]
Cliff Bennett And His Band - I Take What I want
Jethro Tull - Dharma For One
Herman's Hermits - Something Is Happening

0280 (week 14)
Kansas Hook - San Francisco Girls
Barry Ryan - California Dreaming
[B]Syd Barrett - Gigolo Aunt[/B]
Herman's Hermits - Years May Come, Years May Go
Dr Marigold's Prescription - Breaking The Heart Of A Good Man
Cochise - Velvet Mountain
Johnny Moran talks to George Harrison About Let It Be and the Beatles' solo work
Barry Ryan - Magical Spiel
Pickettywitch (with interview) - That Same Old Feeling
Kansas Hook - Echo Park
[B]Syd Barrett - Effervescing Elephant [/B]
Dr Marigold's Prescription - Let It Rock
The Brotherhood of Man -
[B]Syd Barrett - Terrapin [/B]
The Dave Clark Five - Everybody Get Together