Unida - Universal D.O.G., Lahr, Germany (prettything)
Album info
Length  : 78:44
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 09-05-1999
Track List
01 Wet Pussycat 06:18
02 Thorn 04:02
03 Red 04:58
04 Human Tornado 06:01
05 Low 04:59
06 You wish 12:23
07 Flower Girl 06:09
08 Talk and tune 02:18
09 Black Woman 06:06
10 Nervous 08:33
11 Dwarf it 05:11
12 Jam without Garcia 11:46

Recorded at the Universal D.O.G., Lahr, Germany. Very good audience recording.

From the info file:

05-09-99,Universal D.O.G.,Lahr,Germany
Audience Master

Aiwa CM 30->Sony D6->analog cable->PC->Feurio Track Editor->CD-R
Recorded and transfered by prettything

01.Wet Pussycat
04.Human Tornado
06.You wish
07.Flower Girl
09.Black Woman
11.Dwarf it
12.Jam without Garcia

This is my first upload,so bear with me,please.

A funny show,that took place in what used to be a Canadien Armed Forces Facility and is mainly a Techno Disco.
A friend and I went there and made 2 masters using 1 microphone.
Garcia seemed somekind of pissed,maybe alcohol or something else.He left the stage during the last number,
and went into the cafeteria to play some pool.That's how the show ended.The rest of the band waited for him to return,
but the meister didn't feel like it.
Hope you enjoy it anyway.
Sound is pretty good for an analog cassette recording.

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