Camel - Mexico City, Mexico (jgrs90125)
Album info
Length  : 128:06
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 07-04-2001
Track List
Mexico City, Mexico (jgrs90125) (Disc 1) 54:54
01 Three Wishes 06:42
02 Echoes 08:22
03 Rhayader 02:47
04 Rhayader Goes to Town 05:16
05 Ice 08:51
06 Chord Change 08:02
07 Watching The Bobbins 07:35
08 The Hour Candle 07:19
Mexico City, Mexico (jgrs90125) (Disc 2) 73:12
01 Refugee (acoustic) 06:52
02 Fingertips (acoustic) 09:46
03 Slow Yourself Down (acoustic) 05:25
04 Rajaz 09:29
05 Sahara 07:10
06 Mother Road 06:24
07 Little Rivers And Little Rose 02:01
08 Hopeless Anger 04:41
09 Crowd 01:51
10 Lady Fantasy 19:33

Recorded at Salon 21, Mexico City, Mexico. Very good audience recording.

From the info file:

Camel Mexico City 2001-04-07

Hello Everyone!

I'm posting my first torrent. This torrent I want to share with everyone interested in Camel. There is no much background info other than I bought the concert cassette from a guy who sells tape concert bootlegs in a flea Market in Mexico City. He has recorded a lot of concerts in Mexico City from a lot of bands: Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, ELP, Pearl Jam, Porcupine Tree, Yes, Camel, Deep Purple and practically every major rock or progressive act that plays in Mexico City.

I transfered the tape a long time ago, about 4 months after the concert, I used my Pioneer CD recorder from a Keenwood Cassette player. The original cassette had a lot of volume saturation, I believe the taper recorded a copy of the original cassette at quite a lot of volume, so saturation IMHO is not intrusive at all but is present in louder passages. The sound is quite nice and clear, you can judge by yourselves but I give this recording a 7/10 or 8/10.

I was actually at this concert, I was 17 years old and my dad took me to what would be my first and only Camel experience live. It's a shame Camel never got to play in Mexico City again, as you will hear on the recording, the audience atmosphere is great, sometimes loud on soft passages but clearly Andy Latimer and Colin Bass were having a great night, the playing is electrifying if you compare this to the Paris Collection. My main memory of this show is seeing Andy Latimer burst into tears while playing The Hour Candle guitar solo, it was a very intimate and magical moment and when Andy let the audience sing the final words for Lady Fantasy!!!. Well enough said... enjoy!

First Set
Three Wishes
Rhayader Goes To Town
Chord Change
Watching The Bobbins
The Hour Candle

Second Set
Refugee (acoustic)
Fingertips (acoustic)
Slow Yourself Down (acoustic)
Mother Road
Little Rivers And Little Rose
Hopeless Anger

Lady Fantasy