Camel - Bordeaux (aud master) (Erathostene-finkployd49) (24-96)
Album info
Length  : 81:29
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 22-11-1978
Track List
01 Medley 09:17
02 Song Within A Song 07:28
03 The Sleeper 05:40
04 Summer Lightning 06:35
05 Tell Me 04:56
06 Snow Goose 10:20
07 La Princesse Perdue 05:52
08 Echoes 08:37
09 Never Let Go 12:40
10 One Of These Days I'll Get An Early Night 10:04

Recorded at the Salle des fêtes du Grand Parc, Bordeaux, France. Excellent audience recording.

From the info file:

Salle des fêtes du Grand Parc
Bordeaux, France
November 22nd, 1978

SOURCE: EX+ quality audience MASTER (for the period and at my rating ears) recorded during 'Breathless' tour.
Upload on Dime (24th december 2009) of the previous version.
*** NEW DIRECT TRANSFER made by my friend finlployd49 (June 2013). The previous one had a lossy MD recording step ***

LINEAGE: JVC stereo mic -> JVC 1665 stereo cassette recorder Super ANRS on -> AGFA Carat Fecr type I master tape
-> Nakamichi Dragon (NAAC auto-azimuth) Dolby off
-> Zoom H2 24 bits/ 96 KHz -> Goldwave v.5.08 for tracks, edits, channel balance, maximization at full dynamic range.
-> TLH 2.4.1 (build 160)-> FLAC level 8, md5s

Disc one (0:44:15)
01.Medley (Earthrise / Rhyader / First light / Unevensong)
02.Song within a song
03.The sleeper
04.Summer lightning
05.Tell me
06.Snow goose

Disc two (0:37:13)
01.La princesse perdue
03.Never let go
04.One Of These Days I'll Get An Early Night

Total duration: 01:21:29

Line-up :
Jan Schelhaas-K
Richard Sinclair-B-V
Andrew Latimer-G-V
Mel Collins-Sax-Flutes
Andy Ward-D
Dave Sinclair-K

Recorded and shared by Erathostene
Prepared by finkployd49 (June 2013)
All thanks to mc-merc for the brilliant artwork.

Enjoy the music, dont'sell it on e-bay or anywhere else.

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