Camel - The Forum, Bath, UK (boombox) (24-96)
Album info
Length  : 127:12
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 07-07-2015
Track List
01 Never Let Go 09:43
02 Lost And Found 06:58
03 The White Rider 07:39
04 Song Within A Song 07:56
05 Unevensong 06:37
06 Spirit Of The Water 03:15
07 Air Born 05:33
08 Lunar Sea 08:33
09 Another Night 06:50
10 Drafted 04:49
11 Ice 08:50
12 Echoes 08:16
13 Mother Road 08:01
14 Hopeless Anger 04:56
15 Whispers In The Rain 02:49
16 Encore Break 03:12
17 Lady Fantasy 13:00
18 Band Introduction 01:42
19 Long Goodbyes 08:33

Recorded at the Forum, Bath, UK. Great audience recording.

From the info file:

The Bath Forum
Bath, UK
7th July 2015

+++++++++++++++++NB THIS IS THE 24BIT FILESET, NOT SUITABLE FOR CD BURNING -+++++++++++++++++

Church Audio CA-14 cardioids > CA-9200 > Edirol R-09HR (@24/96) > Cool Edit Pro 2 > CDWave > TLH
Recorded second row in line with (suspended) house right stack

Recording & transfer by boombox

01. Never Let Go
02. Lost And Found
03. The White Rider
04. Song Within A Song
05. Unevensong
06. Spirit Of The Water
07. Air Born
08. Lunar Sea
09. Another Night
10. Drafted
11. Ice
12. Echoes
13. Mother Road
14. Hopeless Anger
15. Whispers In The Rain
16. Encore Break
17. Lady Fantasy
18. Band Introduction
19. Long Goodbyes

CAMEL are:
Andy Latimer - guitar, flute, recorder, vocals
Colin Bass - bass, vocals
Denis Clement - drums, recorder
Ton Scherpenzeel - keyboards
Jason Hart - keyboards, acoustic guitar, backing vocals

boombox's notes july 2015:

These annual mini Camel tours are quickly becoming one of my highlights of every year since 2013. Unsurprisingly, these shows all pretty much sold out, but I got my ticket as soon as they were announced, so bagged the end of the second row in front of a stack, thinking it a great position to get nice and close to Andy et al, and hopefully where I could get a good recording and some photos and video. Unfortunately, the Forum staff were not the friendliest, pouncing on anyone they saw with a camera. This was a pity as they really did put on a full multi-media show, with excellent lights and some fine 70s-style projections, which would have been lovely to share. As for the setlist, it was a complete change from the previous two outings, with no Snow Goose at all (though St Alban's the previous night got some in a second encore). A much rockier set (Andy told me afterwards that they were trying to do a setlist better suited to the various festivals they are playing this summer) and tough to pick favourites, but special mention has to go to 'Ice', which got a trully well-deserved standing ovation and a fine, bittersweet, 'Long Goodbyes', which featured projections of Chris Rainbow and Guy Le Blanc, who we lost earlier this year. I've included a small folder of the few half decent pics I managed to snap as a memento for those there who weren't so lucky!

As for the recording, it's pretty good, I think, despite the PA being suspended quite high, so back in about row 10 might have been a better location. To compensate, I added a bit of a mid-range hump and took out some of the bass - when Denis hit the floor toms in the louder passages, it was
causing my chest to vibrate quite uncomfortably - it's a miracle my mics coped with it. I had to reduce the level of some of the whoops, hollers and clapping of my very enthusiastic neighbour and used just a tiny bit of compression to tame some of the peaks. As always, my 24 bit masters are available for anyone wanting to do a remaster/matrix project: just make sure it's shared here for all to benefit, please.