Garcia, John - Underworld, London, UK (robnwcc)
Album info
Length  : 74:46
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 03-12-2015
Track List
01 Phototrophic (Kyuss) 04:23
02 (new song) 04:10
03 Dont even think about it (new song) 05:37
04 Her Bullets energy 06:59
05 5000 miles 04:33
06 Argleben 06:16
07 The Blvd 05:37
08 instrumental (Ehren Groban) 07:11
09 El Rodeo (Kyuss) 07:17
10 unknown 03:44
11 Gardenia (Kyuss) 06:07
12 Green Machine (Kyuss) 05:11
13 Space Cadet 07:41

Recorded at the Underworld, London, UK. Very good audience recording.

From the info file:

John Garcia and Ehren Groban acoustic - Camden Underworld London 3rd December 2015

recorded by robnwcc
lineage - Sharp MDisc + Vivanco mic --> mdisc -->
wav via polderbits, eq, tracksplits --> flac

Really pleased to get to one of these shows. The atmosphere was amazing in the Underworld.
Originally, I wasnt going to share this as the sound quality isnt the best in places.

when i recorded the EODM gig in Birmingham in early November, the recording was
quiet so i turned the mic volume up, but it is still v quiet.
unfortunately there was a lot of hiss and background noise on the
recording, which i EQd out in Polderbit.
The first track is the worst, once you get beyond that it is better, although
at times it sounds a bit over-processed. i think i need a new mic/recorder.

Also, having moved into a decent taping place, i had some people move next to me
who just wanted to talk all the way through the show.
God only knows why you pay to see a show, and then chat constantly throughout it

I am making this sound bad, on the whole is sounds ok, and if you want to hear some
cool acoustic versions of some JG / Kyuss songs then go for it.

01 Phototrophic (Kyuss)
02 (new song) Kentucky??
03 Dont even think about it (new song)
04 Her bullets energy
05 5000 miles
06 Argleben
07 The Blvd
08 Instrumental Ehren Groban
09 El Rodeo (Kyuss)
10 (unkown)
11 Gardenia (Kyuss)
12 Green Machine (Kyuss)
13 Space Cadet (Kyuss)