Talk Talk - Rock Werchter, Belgium (Keimschleim)
Album info
Length  : 55:20
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 06-07-1986
Track List
01 Dum Dum Girl 03:40
02 Call In The Nightboy 06:52
03 Life's What You Make It 04:27
04 Mirrorman - Does Caroline Know 06:57
05 Chameleon Day 01:23
06 Living In Another World 06:22
07 Give It Up 05:22
08 Its My Life 07:04
09 I Dont Believe In You 05:18
10 Such A Shame 07:55

Recorded at the Rock Werchter festival, Werchter, Belgium. Excellent recording, taken from a radio broadcast.

From the info file:

talk talk - werchter 16 july 1986
very good FM quality.

almost too late for the re-run on fridaynight,
i managed to record this show on my hifi-vcr.

01-dum dum girl
02-call in the nightboy
03-life's what you make it
04-mirrorman/does caroline know
05-chameleon day
06-living in another world
07-give it up ***
08-its my life
09-i dont believe in you
10-such a shame

1-6; fm-vcr-computer
7; i md this 1 from belgium radio, end of the 90's.
8-10; fm-vcr-computer

recorded, crossfaded the whole thing with soundforge.