Pink Floyd - Roundhouse, London, UK (from Das Universum des Ichs)
Album info
Length  : 29:50
Format  : DVD
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 09-1967
Track List
01 Menus 00:01
02 Main Movie 29:49

Nice German documentary with a little bit of Floyd footage, recorded at the Roundhouse, London, UK. Great quality.

A bit of additional info:
This programme 'Das Universum des Ichs', is episode 4 of a series called 'Science Fiction'.
The TV broadcast was on 15th February 1968, the Floyd footage was recorded in September 1967.

From the info file:

Pink Floyd - 1967.xx.xx - Roundhouse - Bayerischer Rundfunk - LESEZEICHEN - Das Universum des Lichts

This broadcast was running on the German TV station - Bayerischer Rundfunk - around early 80s and contains some snippets from the UFO Club (not Pink Floyd), the light-shows of these days and - as far I can judge it - Syd's Pink Floyd playing at the Roundhouse - in colour - only some seconds. Basically Nick Mason and Roger Waters can be seen, Syd Barrett and Rick Wright are in the dark. The shot was taken from some distance - big curtains in the background, strobe light - unfortunately NO live-audio.

The Interstellar Overdrive LP version is dubbed over the filmed material.
I would guess that some members might be able to give some more detailed background information on the seen footage, so you may follow the comments to get a correct and full picture of the content.

Tape background:

Recently, I did remember that my friend Uli Angersbach, the original recorder of the Aachen 70 tape, did contact the TV station in the 80s, after he saw that broadcast some night to get a copy.
He did succeed, but these ols days
We gave all original material to Grolsch (Rolf O.), so in our memory the tape should have been in his collection since then. As we have no access to his collection at the moment, I thought this tape is gone.
Just by luck t I did ask Uli to check again his tapes, as I never got a copy of that broadcast, so fortunately, he found the tape.

We would like to share it here with the community, so hopefully it is new for some of you and you can enjoy it.