Pink Floyd - Arnold Layne promotional film with BITC (Neonknight) (576i MOV)
Album info
Length  : 02:52
Format  : Video
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 02-1967
Track List
01 Movie 02:52

Promo video for Arnold Layne, with burnt-in timecode. Great quality.

From the info file:

Pink Floyd 1967-02 Arnold Layne promotional film with BITC

Lineage 2nd gen VHS > JVC nicam video recorder HR-J755EK > scart to composite converter > Canopus ADVC-100 > firewire > Sony DCR-HC96 mini DV camcorder > TDK Mini DV60 ME > Sony DCR-HC96 firewire out > Final Cut Pro 10.1.3 > Quick Time Movie

Total running time: 2 mins 53 secs

A burnt-in timecode (BITC) version of Derek’s Nice’s promotional film of the band on East Wittering Beach in Sussex in late February or early March 1967.

The film premiered at the UFO club on 10 March, 1967. It is generally said to have been made in late February but Worthing is about 45 minutes’ drive from East Wittering so I think it is possible that it was made on 2 March 1967.

I was tempted to desaturate the film in FCP so it is true black and white but no other versions I have seen have had this treatment. The soundtrack is not very good, unfortunately.

Neonknight, December 2015