Muse - Muse - The Movie
Album info
Length  : 137:55
Format  : 2 DVD
Rating  : 8
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : Various
Track List
Muse - The Movie (Disc 1) 70:10
01 Menus 01:25
02 Main Movie 68:45
Muse - The Movie (Disc 2) 67:45
01 Menus 01:15
02 Main Movie 66:30

Great fan-made documentary about 'the story of Muse'.

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Running time: 2 hours, 25 mins approx.

Muse The Movie is a feature long documentary edited by takeabow19. The feature was produced
through late 2008 and finalized completely in 2010 after many recuts and final drafts.

During the making of the documentary creator of the film, Takeabow19, was helped by host of
'' Paul to source some of the best quality footage to include. Takeabow19
was also given the complete uncut VHS footage exclusively for Muse the movie of Muses battle
of the bands performance from 1994.

I wanted to make a documentary which featured the best of Muse, all those clips I love put
into one movie and basically give it a narration by Muse themselves sourced from their
interviews over the years to tell their story.
The movie begins with Muse at school and ends at the beginning of The Resistance era.

Footage for this film has been sourced from different places in the best quality there at
the time before the movie was finalised in 2010. Naturally because of this the quality
varies hugely in parts. Some footage is very pixelated for example, and other parts are HD
There are two releases of the movie. This is Version 1, the standard 2 disk DVD set.
The single disk dual layer version (which im ironing some small menu problems with) will
follow and features 20 mins of additional footage including a multi language subtitle track
and additional fans intro vids that didn't make it into the final cut.
The extended cut features a lot more 'fly on the wall' moments with the band as well as
exclusive material. Version 1 is more 'easy watching' for people getting to know Muse and
their history. I would have liked to have included alot more but ultimately I had to cut
nearly an hour of edited footage so I wasnt competing with the Lord of the rings running
Yes in certain parts their are aspect ratio issues, and also a few spelling errors in parts
(one very noticeable bit during the 2006 award part, which has been since corrected for the
dual layer release.) Also worth mentioning is the full credit list isnt included on V1 but
is on V2 as a seperate video to the movie.

Im very honored to say Tom Kirk and Muse have watched this movie and own their own personal
copies of it. Tom has told me how they loved watching the early footage especially and
seeing the evolution and have given it their seal of approval.

Finally id like to make a few dedications; to all my friends who have stuck by this project
right from the start and supported it through all the rough times during the making of it
(Sever, L., Dalia to name just a few). To my girlfriend who gave me the original idea for
it, Tom Kirk for being so supportive of the project and being an all round awesome guy, and
lastly Matt Dom and Chris. For its because of you guys that this documentary exists and I
put all the years of work into this in my spare time and could put one of my gifts to good
use to share with the rest of my friends in the Muse community.

I think thats all. Oh one last thing, Please please do it justice and burn to DVD to watch
back on the TV and on the best audio equipment available to enjoy it to the absolute

Enjoy my friends! - Takeabow19 x