Monomyth - Krach am Bach Open Air Festival, Beelen, Germany (rackhir)
Album info
Length  : 57:39
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 24-07-2015
Track List
01 Vanderwaalskrachten 11:48
02 Ark-M 10:56
03 The Groom Lake Engine 11:22
04 Collision 05:05
05 Huygens 18:28

Recorded at the Krach am Bach Open Air Festival, Beelen, Germany. Great audience recording.

From the info file:

Krach Am Bach Open Air Festival, Beelen, Germany
(audience recording)


Soundman OKM I > ZOOM H1 > PC(via USB) > Wavelab (EQ, edit) > TLH(flac8)

recording position: center, just in front of the soundbooth, 15(?)m from stage



01. vanderwaalskrachten (11.47)
02. ark-M (10.56)
03. the groom lake engine (11.21)
04. collision (5.04)
05. huygens (18.28)

Time: 58 min


Tjerk Stoop (keys/g)
Thomas van den Reydt (g)
Peter van der Meer (keys/g)
Selwyn Slop (bg)
Sander Evers (dr)


Enthusiastic fan from the first time I heard them (here on Dime), these guys are my personal new hope of the decade, the next best but more psychedelic Porcupine Tree !!! (Just really thinking about filing them under PROG)
Hey, a band with 2 (TWO) men on synth/keys is a MUST (at least to me ;-) ...

KRACH AM BACH is a nice little beneficial Festival, somewhere between Münster and Bielefeld, limited to 2500 people (and sold out)
and this was the final concert of the first day. They started in heavy rain (in the beginning you can hear the rain on my umbrella, and a nice young lady praising it ... oh, well, what moron keeps taping, when a girl came crawling under his umbrella, instead of starting a chat or getting some drinks ... guess that one must have been me ... please, hit me, ... anybody !!!) but that rain stopped after just a very few minutes.
Sadly they did not use the possibility of playing a whole long set (would had been ok with the management) but only did this short but great festival-set.

The sound-quality of this one is very good, although I'm not 100% happy with it, it sounds a LITTLE distant and if I raise the heights any more I got loss of flesh !
hmm, but this should do it for now ...
So I did my share of EQing : raising the heights AND the lower mids, and also adding (not so much) on the bassdrum + a little usual mastering-compression

no Cover-artwork, but some video-screenshots are included

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uploaded to DIME by rackhir December 2015