Monomyth - Desertfest 2016, Astra, Berlin, Germany (Lord Die-Spacebandit)
Album info
Length  : 39:43
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 29-04-2016
Track List
01 Vanderwaalskrachten 12:05
02 6EQUJ5 16:47
03 LHC 10:51

Recorded at Desertfest 2016, Astra, Berlin, Germany. Very good audience recording.

From the info file:

Desertfest Berlin 2016
Astra, Berlin, Germany
April - 29 - 2016
Main Stage (16:30 -> 17:10)


Rec. Info:
Zoom H2 (with internal mics @ WAV 16/44) -> Memorycard -> HD -> Memorystick (added with pics) -> Snailmail -> my HD -> Audacity (edit/remaster) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME ->
YOUR EARS AND Stoner Heaven...
All recordings by the dear LORD from around the glorious town of NAERMBERCH, Frankonia. Sound quality differs a bit from tape to tape due to different position and...the two stages.
I've never been to Astra in Berlin, so I can't judge about the location, but on the first day, our dear Lord was 'ripped off' his camera equipment by security,, so there are some shows without these
mindblowing great shots...Anyway, the recorder went in, and it's f***ing awesome to get these almost 20 recordings...

As mentioned above, a whole lotta tapes from that 3day indoor festival are just waiting to be unleashed...but it'll take a while to get through...
Anyway, the asshole as I'm usually are, I've decided on that act that would've probably my favourite. Risen from the ashes of 35007 and Gomer Pyle since 2012, Monomyth stands up proud
and undefeatable as one/maybe THE best Spacerock/stoner acts of these daze. Unfortunately this is just a rather short show compared to the 'extravaganza' in Bielefeld about a week earlier.
Sometimes I can't really understand those festival planners, giving this marvellous act just 40 minutes of time. Less bands, more time! DEar guys at Freak Valley, Stoned from the Underground or won't one ticket more/less if you would just let the band play each an hour! KEEP IT LOW...keep that in mind, too...and now enjoy. Sounds quite good! SB.

FULL SHOW (39:42 min.)

01. Vanderwaalskrachten -> (12:05)
02. 6EQUJ5 -> (16:47)
03. LHC (10:50)
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Sander Evers: drums
Selwyn Slop: fender bass guitar
Tjerk Stoop: synths/ guitar
Thomas van den Reydt: guitars (fender/epiphone/double neck gibson sg)
Peter van der Meer: keyboards/ guitar

Uploaded to DIME by Spacebandit 2016/07/16