Pink Floyd - Look Of The Week (restoration) (Neonknight-falbrav)
Album info
Length  : 09:50
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 8
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 14-05-1967
Track List
01 Look Of The Week 09:50

From the info file:

Some time ago M.U. Neonknight uploaded a nice version of LOTW set, very likely to be the best one that we have. I have recently revisited it, and noticed that it could get a slight improvement with few of not-too-invasive actions.

First, I have rehandled it as double-channel mono to avoid phase issues. Then, I dealt with a certain amount of hum; there is still some buzz here and there, mostly at the beginning, but I don't think that it could be removed without harming the main content. Finally a very light equalization, to unveil a bit high frequencies.

So, here it is, together with the original info file from Neonknight. A cue file is included as small bonus.

Original notes:

Pink Floyd, Look Of The Week, 1967-05-14 (16bit/44kHz)

Pink Floyd
Look Of The Week
14 May 1967

Lineage: Archive Master copy (copied from the BBC master tapes) > RCA line connection > Mini Disc (0) > Edirol UA-1D > Audacity 1.3 > FLAC (16bit/44kHz)

xACT used to create FFP

1. Pow R Toc H / Robert Robinson (presenter of Look Of The Week)
2. Hans Keller intro / Astronomy Domine / H.K. interview with Syd & Roger

The two segments are joined for this release and presented as a single FLAC file.

Total running time 9 mins 50 secs

This is a recording from an archive master of the original Look Of The Week broadcast featuring the entirety of the Pink Floyd content.

Neonknight, September 2012