Pink Floyd - Plumpton, Recorder 2 (Goldenband-Neonknight) (24-96)
Album info
Length  : 11:04
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 08-08-1969
Track List
01 Interstellar Overdrive 11:04

From the info file:

Pink Floyd 1969-08-08 Plumpton Interstellar Overdrive, Recorder 2 (24bit/96kHz)

Pink Floyd
9th National Jazz & Blues Festival, Plumpton Racecourse, Plumpton, Sussex, England
8 August 1969

Lineage: Unknown gen TDK SA90 cassette (1997) > *Technics RS-B965-M > Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 > Reaper v4.61 and iZotope RX4 > FLAC (24bit/96kHz)

xACT used to create FFP and FLAC
*The Technics RS-B965-M is a modified deck - for details see the forum

Interstellar Overdrive

Total running time: 11 minutes 3 seconds

This is a nice copy of Nick Ralph's recording of Interstellar Overdrive, that does not have the 8kHz ringing noise that features on other sources that are derived from Bernard White's 2nd gen reels.

Goldenband got his tape from Rory B, an Australian collector. It has no filtering and simply didn't have the ring in the first place, so it must be from a separate branch either unconnected to Bernard's version or from a period before the whistling took hold.

A friend of mine owns Bernard's reels and they are not in good shape. One or two collectors have 1st and 2nd gen reels of Nick Ralph's recording but it seems unlikely that they will reach general circulation.

Interstellar Plumpton, another version of Nick's tape that doesn't have the ringing noise, has a major frequency cut/notch centered at 8kHz and no audible ringing, but with consequences that are wider than that.

I transferred goldenband's tape using Reaper, adjusted the azimuth in iZotope (it was out by 0.6ms) then returned to Reaper to add 1dB and apply a speed correction of -4.25%.

Goldenband's complete tape contains a mixture of recorder 1 and recorder 2 and has a rougher, higher gen feel than other copies. Interstellar clearly has a different lineage because it is recorded notably more loudly than the rest of the songs.

Nick Ralph was a pioneering taper of several UK Pink Floyd shows including Southampton, Plumpton and the Royal Albert Hall in 1969. He is known to have made copies of his recordings for at least one London collector in 1975 when he was touting Dark Star magazine, which he edited. It's worth googling the magazine.

Goldenband cassette / Neonknight tape transfer, April 2016