Camel - Live Collection
Album info
Length  : 66:22
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : Various
Track List
01 Lunar Sea 10:45
02 One of These Days 07:43
03 Rhayader 02:48
04 Rhayader Goes To Town 05:11
05 Skylines 03:13
06 Echoes 07:20
07 Never Let Go 12:05
08 Unevensong 03:26
09 Song Within A Song 07:39
10 The Sleeper 06:12

Collection of live recordings, I'm not certain about most of the dates and venues. See info file below for details.
Lineage: CD-R from trade (see info file below) > EAC (secure) > TLH > flac.

From the info file:

Live Collection

I received this CD-R in a trade. The disc contained one audio track of 69 minutes and 57 seconds.
I believe this is a transfer from a tape that contained several Camel live recordings.
Even though the disc was labeled 'Tokyo 1979-01-23', I think that just the last few songs are really from that date (but I'm not sure - maybe more is from this date).
See more detailed info below; if you have more info about any of these recordings, please let me know. :)

This is what I did:

Ripped the audio CD using EAC (secure).
Tracked the WAV file using CD Wave.
Encoded all WAV files to FLAC level 6 using TLH.


00 Another Night (removed)
01 Lunar Sea
02 One Of These Days
03 Rhayader
04 Rhayader Goes To Town
05 Skylines (fades out)
06 Echoes
07 Never Let Go
08 Unevensong (cuts)
09 Song Within A Song
10 The Sleeper


Track 00:
The large WAV file started with the offical track 'Another Night', taken from the Moonmadness LP.
So I removed that one.

Track 01:
This track sounds very good. Sounds like it was taken from an LP. At the end we hear the intro of 'Epitaph' but this fades out pretty quick.

Track 02:
There's a little hiss present on this track. Andy (I think it's Andy) announces OOTD as follows:
'To end this week's show we have a number from the incredible new album, which is quite amazing, the album called 'Rain Dances' and this is a track called 'One Of These Days [yawns] I'll Get An Early Night''.

Track 03:
Also a little hiss, but probably from another source than track 02. Right after the flute solo, about just over a minute into the song, Peter (I think it's him) makes a small mistake playing a wrong note.

Track 04 - 05:
From the same source as Track 03. After RGTT you hear a small 'Thank you'.
Skylines fades out.

Track 06:
Starts with a strange noise, I guess it's the tape recorder's 'pause' button. Also, there's a kind of noise present that makes me think this was recorded from a TV broadcast.
Andy announces 'Echoes' as follows:
'Thank you. [..?..] Okay, we'd like to stay with the 'Breathless' album now, [..?..] This is a song called 'Echoes''.

Track 07:
Starts with the same strange 'pause button' noise again. Probably from the same source as the previous track. Andy says:
'Thank you. Thanks very much, [this is?] really nice. Unfortunately we've come to the end of the set now, we're gonna finish with a tune from our very first record and this is a thing entitled 'Never Let Go''.
The track has quite a lengthy drum solo.

Track 08:
Again, the 'pause button' noise, but this track sounds different than the previous ones. The beginning of the track is cut, and there's a cut in the middle of the track as well.
At the end, Andy says something in Japanese (I guess) :) so this track may be from 'Tokyo 1979-01-23', as was written on the disc.
Andy says (after the track):
'Thank you. 'Gamba Wah Gamu Gachi' (?) Many thanks and welcome to this last of our Camel concerts in Japan, and I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everybody who we've played to, making it a very enjoyable experience, it's been very nice. And without more ado, we're gonna carry on with a song from our 'Moonmadness' album and this is called 'Song Within A Song'. Thank you'.

Track 09:
From the same source as Track 08. Probably 'Tokyo 1979-01-23'.
At the end, I believe it's Colin who says:
'Thank you. Thanks very much. We'd like to play a new song for you now, this is an instrumental from the 'Breathless' album and it's called 'Sleeper'. And straight after that we'd like to play you something from 'Mirage', also an instrumental, featuring Mel and Andy, which is called 'Supertwister'.

Track 10:
From the same source as the previous tracks. After the song there's a very quick fade-out, so there's no 'Supertwister'.

Tracks 8-10 *are* from 'Tokyo 1979-01-23'. I received another recording from this date which has the same announcements between the tracks. The other recording is (more) complete but has a different SQ (not necessarily 'better' or 'worse', but different, I guess it's a matter of taste).