Camel - Playing In The Red And Green
Album info
Length  : 100:29
Format  : DVD
Rating  : 5
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : Various
Track List
01 Live from BBC 25:08
02 Cloak and Dagger Man (from German TV) 03:30
03 Sight and Sound in Concert 58:35
04 Sound Super City 13:16

Compilation of TV footage, most of it recorded in the seventies. Picture and sound quality isn't the best but it's a nice watch. This DVD is a copy from a Japanese bootleg.
Track 1 recorded from a BBC broadcast in 1976. Quality is OK, a bit blurry but very watchable.
Track 2 recorded from a German TV show, I guess somewhere in 1984. Although this track is the most recent on this DVD, the quality is the worst.
Track 3 recorded from the 'Sight and Sound in Concert' BBC show. This was filmed at Golder's Green, London, October 1, 1977. I have the same footage on anther DVD, on which the quality is *a lot* better.
Track 4 recorded from a show called 'Sound Super City', I don't know the exact date from this footage but it looks quite seventies! Very nice to watch.