Camel - Another Night (PRRP002)
Album info
Length  : 65:16
Format  : SHN
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 26-06-1976
Track List
01 Aristillus 01:28
02 Song within a song 07:27
03 The Great Marsh 01:48
04 Rhayader 03:18
05 Rhayader Goes to Town 05:39
06 Air born 05:00
07 Chord change 06:45
08 The White Rider 08:20
09 Lunar Sea 09:24
10 Preparation 03:25
11 Dunkirk 05:57
12 Another Night 06:45

Recorded in San Francisco, California. Taken from a radio broadcast (WSAN-FM). SQ is very good (a bit 'flat' maybe). A PRRP release.

From the info file:


June 26, 1976, (San Francisco, California)

1 Aristillus 1:28
2 Song within a song 7:27
3 The Great Marsh 1:48
4 Rhayader 3:18
5 Rhayader Goes to Town 5:39
6 Air born 5:00
7 Chord change 6:45
8 The White Rider 8:20
9 Lunar Sea 9:24
10 Preparation 3:25
11 DunKirk 5:57
12 Another Night 6:45
Total Disc 65:16

Broadcast on WSAN -FM San Francisco

Peter Bardens : Keyboards
Andrew Latimer : Guitar, vocals
Mel Collins : Flute, Saxes
Doug Ferguson : Bass
Andy Ward : Drums, Percussion

Coming off the successes of Mirage and Snow Goose, 1976 saw Camel release another masterful work called Moonmadness. Each member of the band contributed compositions to the album which reached #15 in the music charts.
Camel had an extensive tour of the United Kingdom in March and April of 1976 to coincide with the release of this new album. The addition of Mel Collins on Sax and Flute had changed the Camel sound. His inclusion in the band at the beginning of this tour had given Camel more of a jazz feel. This was also the first time that Camel had used film as a visual component of their shows. As Andy Latimer told Melody Maker, 'This is the first time we've used films, and I don't want us to get into it too much. ...We're not a very bopping band, so it's nice for the audience to have something to watch'. A short break followed the 17 concert, U.K. tour after which Camel came to California for a performance in San Francisco at the Boardinghouse on June 26th. This was their first US performance in over a year and their last until February of 1979 when they again returned to play in California.
Six of the seven new Moonmadness album songs were played that night. The concert begins with two of the new entries. The audience is then told that they are about to get, 'a little slice of the Snow Goose'. The first three songs of that all instrumental album are then played with received with great enthusiasm. The band returns to Moonmadness material playing Air Born and Chord Change. They then proceed to The White Rider from Mirage, Lunar Sea from the new album, two more from Snow Goose and then a final selection from Moonmadness. Overall, a great performance hitting all the highlights of the band's material to that point.

Notes from the Re-Master
This was generally a good quality recording of a radio broadcast, only a minor degree of noise reduction was necessary to remove hiss which was distracting during quiet segments and solos. However, major variations in volume occurred throughout the show and were quite noticeable. In the remastered version, these are corrected. The last 25 minutes of the show also displayed an imbalance between the two channels which was fixed. Pops and Clicks were also removed and a little tonality adjustment was made in some places because of a 'muddy' sound; the result of insufficient treble.

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