Pink Floyd - Bear In Tree
Album info
Length  : 29:48
Format  : APE
Rating  : 6
Live  :
Recording Date  : Various
Track List
01 Pow R Toc H 04:40
02 Behold the Temple of light / The end of the beginning 12:03
03 Breathe (reprise) 01:36
04 Run Like Hell (Demo) 02:46
05 Wearing The Inside Out (demo/backing track) 02:41
06 Money 06:02

Collection of various rare recordings. SQ varies. Information about the tracks:
Track 1: Recorded 20th December 1967 for BBC Radio Programme 'Top Gear'. Most copies of this session in circulation are from recording of the February 1968 rebroadcast which omits the ending of this number. This is a completely untruncated version taken from a recording of the original 31st December 1967 broadcast.
Track 2: Recorded 14th April 1969 Royal Festival Hall. Most copies of this performance in circulation are taken from a recording which is cut during this section. This is the complete segment via an alternative audience recorded source. From a mouldy old cassette with drum heavy sound!
Track 3: Recorded December 1971? / January 1972? Very early instrumental version from a lyricless run-through/rehearsal.
Track 4: Recorded 1978. Instrumental from same session as the 'Comfortably Numb' demo. From an old cassette labeled 'DG demos'.
Track 5: Recorded 1993? An instrumental version with David Gilmour to the fore. Originally from a cassette labeled 'EMI/Sony pre-mix 93'.
Track 6: Recorded 1994? Toe tappingly go the point live rehearsal version. Originally from a cassette helpfully labeled 'Oddments'.
Lineage: CD-R received in trade > EAC > Monkey's Audio > APE.