Pink Floyd - 8mm
Album info
Length  : 70:30
Format  : DVD
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : Various
Track List
01 Hollywood Bowl, 22 Sept. 1972 20:46
02 Los Angeles, Sports Arena, 27 Apr. 1975 16:26
03 Stadthalle, Vienna, 1 Feb. 1977 16:50
04 Anaheim Stadium, 7 May 1977 04:04
05 Olympiahalle, Munich, 1 Mar. 1977 10:55
06 Philadelphia Spectrum, 9 Apr. 1972 (no sound) 01:29

Fantastic collection of old 8mm movies, transferred to DVD, synched to the music. I believe the 6th track is an easter egg since it doesn't appear on the menu.

From the info file:

Pink Floyd 8mm - Harvested Records (HRV DVD 009)

'I discovered most of these 8mm films over 20 years ago and have enjoyed watching my low gen VHS copies ever since. When I began archiving my collection onto DVD, I knew that one day I'd be faced with the task of digitally remastering these old 8mm films. I was fortunate enough to know the person that purchased the original films of the Hollywood Bowl and LA Sports Arena which were professionally transferred to S-VHS tape in the late 80's. This person was kind enough to loan me his master which I captured and used as the source for this DVD. I wish I could say that the Vienna footage was any better than what has been in circulation, but there's a good chance that those videos used mine as a source anyway. The short Anaheim 77 footage and the newly surfaced Munich 77 footage round this collection off nicely. There's not much available in regards to video footage from 1972-1977 (a very
significant time in the band's history, especially in regards to live performance), so hopefully this will fill in a few of the gaps for the time being.

Every single shot is not in perfect synch, and some artistic license has been applied throughout. I also chose to end the DVD with the Munich footage, opting to stray from the actual chronological order.

8mm took me two years to finish, working in my spare time, and frequently getting frustrated and stuck. I replaced all the audio from the original footage that had live sound (LA 75, Vienna 77) and synched up the correct audio to the rest, which was never properly done until now.'

Hollywood Bowl 22 September 1972 (20:46)
Video: 8mm > S-VHS > NTSC DV (avi) > Vegas (CBR 6) MPEG-2
Audio: 'Bowl de Luna' (Harvested Records)

LA Sports Arena 27 April 1975 (16:26)
Video: 8mm > S-VHS > NTSC DV (avi) > Vegas (CBR 6) MPEG-2
Audio: Master > DAT > CDR > Vegas (PCM Stereo)

Stadthalle Vienna 1 February 1977 (16:50)
Video: 3rd Gen VHS NTSC > NTSC DV (avi) > Vegas (CBR 6) MPEG-2
Audio: Master > DAT > CDR > Vegas (PCM Stereo)

Anaheim Stadium 7 May 1977 (4:04)
Video: 2nd Gen VHS > NTSC DV (avi) > Vegas (CBR 6) MPEG-2
Audio: 'Animal Instincts' (Harvested Records) from 9 May 1977

Olympiahalle Munich 1 March 1977 (10:55)
8mm > PAL Master > 1st Gen PAL > NTSC DV (avi) > Vegas (CBR 6) MPEG-2
Audio: 2nd Gen Cassette > CDR > Vegas (PCM Stereo) from 28 February 1977