Pink Floyd - Laying The Embryo (fixed)
Album info
Length  : 20:07
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : No
Recording Date  : 06-1969
Track List
01 Embryo (outtake 1) 04:37
02 Embryo (outtake 2) 03:36
03 Embryo (outtake 3) 02:58
04 Laying Down Tracks 06:12
05 Johnny Rotten talks about Syd Barrett 00:58
06 Top Gear Interview with Roger Waters 01:46

Compilation of early studio outtakes and interviews.
(the original version had the 1st 3 tracks as 1 track; the middle track had an error. I splitted the 3 tracks and replaced the middle track with an error-less one).

Note that:

'These 3 'outtakes' are circulating since several years but they are fake.

I confirm that these are absolutely not outtakes from Embryo.
These are simply the regular version (Picnic, Works) and the BBC version, in average/bad quality ...



From the info file:

PF June Laying The Embryo

Embryo 3 Different Ones - June 1969 Abbey Road Studio 3
1. Embryo listed in the collectors guide to Pink Floyd PF archives booklet. Could be either 1st or 2nd one here, the third being the radio broadcast before it was usually traded.

Laying Down Tracks - June 1969
2.Radio 3 Emi Studios London - I always thought this came from a TV broadcast but is it just radio??

Johnny Rotten talks about Syd Barrett/Sid Vicious date??
3. Short interview response.

Pink Floyd Interview with Roger Waters by Brian Mathews BBC Radio 1 Top Gear June 25 1968
4. For some reason this never turns up where it should i.e. with all the 67-69 radio shows.