Pink Floyd - What Syd Wants (Part 1) (HRV CDR 032)
Album info
Length  : 59:16
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 13-09-1967
Track List
01 Reaction In G 06:36
02 Arnold Layne 04:06
03 One In A Million 06:25
04 Matilda Mother 06:46
05 Scream Thy Last Scream 05:32
06 Astronomy Domine 07:32
07 Let's Roll Another One (Rehearsal) 04:33
08 Matilda's Mother (Granada TV) 02:11
09 Interstellar Overdrive (Granada TV Extended Version With Voiceover) 04:55
10 CBC Radio Interview (With Interstellar Overdrive) 10:40

Tracks 1-6 recorded at the Star Club, Copenhagen. Very good audience recording (probably the best available for this date).
Tracks 7-10: Bonus tracks (see info file for details).

From the info file:

The Pink Floyd
'What Syd Wants'
Harvested Records (HRV CDR 032)

Disc One

101 Reaction in G 6:36
102 Arnold Layne 4:06
103 One in a Million 6:25
104 Matilda Mother 6:46
105 Scream Thy Last Scream 5:32
106 Astronomy Domine 7:32
venue: Star Club, Copenhagen
date: September 13, 1967
time: 36:57
source: Bernard's reels

107 Let's Roll Another One (rehearsal)
date: January 20, 1967
time: 4:33

108 Matilda's Mother (Granada TV)
date: January 27, 1967
time: 2:11

109 Interstellar Overdrive (Granada TV extended version with voiceover)
date: January 27, 1967
time: 4:55

110 CBC Radio Interview (with Interstellar Overdrive)
date: January ??, 1967
time: 10:40

side one total time: 59:17

Disc Two

201 Reaction in G 5:28
202 Pow R Toc H 12:04
203 Scream Thy Last Scream 4:36
204 Set The Controls 10:11
205 Interstellar Overdirve 13:55
venue: Oude-Ahoy Hallen, Rotterdam
date: November 13, 1967
time: 46:14
source: Bernard's reels

206 See Emily Play (acetate #1)
date: May 21, 1967
time: 2:45

207 Scream Thy Last Scream (Jones mono mix)
date: August 7, 1967
time: 4:39

208 Vegetable Man (Jones mono mix)
date: October 9, 10, or 11, 1967
time: 2:37

209 Roger Waters interview (Swedish radio)
date: September 10, 1967
time: 2:54
source: ???

210 Vegetable Man (1967 mix)
date: October 9, 10, or 11, 1967
time: 2:53

211 Vegetable Man Jam (rehearsal)
date: ???
time: 3:22

212 [In the] Beechwoods (backing track)
date: October 20, 1967
time: 4:42

213 Green Onions (Tomorrow's World snippet)
date: December 17, 1967
time: 0:32

214 Improvised Instrumental (Tomorrow's World snippet)
date: December 17, 1967
time: 1:12

side two total time: 71:51

Dedicated in loving memory to Roger Barrett and Bernard White.

Liner notes:
'Bernard White died in 2005 and he is dearly missed by Pink Floyd fans from across the globe.

Before the sad events that lead to his death, he was a true groundbreaker in terms of Pink Floyd collecting and knowledge.

A contributor to various early books and articles about the band, with a happy knack of being in the company of the right people at the right moment, Bernard always had time to talk to fans who visited the various shops and market stalls that he worked in and owned in London.

People would track Bernard down from all over the world and stand around for hours asking questions and seeking a chance to borrow his precious reels, tapes and memorabilia. Most requests were politely declined but there were a lucky few whom he assisted.

The Copenhagen, Rotterdam, CBC and Irene Winsby recordings on these discs are from Bernard's reels. The two 1967 concerts were copied from a visitor to the UK capital in around 1975. Bernard knew Irene Winsby and CBC was from Capital Radio when they made the six-part Pink Floyd Story.

For this Harvested release, the reels were transferred using the best equipment under recording studio-type conditions, then enhanced and edited. A little more Rotterdam was found separately and added in to give a longer recording than most will have.

Much of Bernard's archive was disposed of hurriedly after his death, with very little regard to how it would be kept. Indeed, rumor has it that a lot of it was simply thrown away. The cream of the collection survived; however, and it's just possible that other items will reach the light of day.'

This is a release that the Harvested Team has been working on for a while and big kudos to MOB and Ed for all their great hard work. This release will appeal mostly to hardcore fans that want a glimpse into the only known concert recordings of The Pink Floyd with Syd Barrett circa 1967. Even though the source for this was the master reels, the sound quailty is still pretty bad most of the time, yet shines through during others. Syd's vocals are absent (or barely audible) most likely due to a bad microphone or mix, but luckily a good part of the performance is instrumental (Matilda Mother at the Copenhagen gig rocks!!!). We felt that since we had the original source for these important historic recordings (that have been widely available for years) that they deserved a tedious remastering process in an attempt to create a definitive version of these shows.
RonToon, Ed and MOB