Porcupine Tree - Planet Pul Festival
Album info
Length  : 45:04
Format  : APE
Rating  : 8
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 04-06-1994
Track List
01 Up The Downstair 08:14
02 Always Never 07:57
03 Radioactive Toy 10:35
04 Burning Sky 11:36
05 Not Beautiful Anymore 06:42

Recorded at De Kuip, Uden, The Netherlands. Very good SBD (!) recording.

From the info file:

4 June 1994
Planet Pul Festival; De Kuip - Uden, The Netherlands

Track Listing:
1. Up The Downstair (8:14)
2. Always Never (7:56)
3. Radioactive Toy (10:35)
4. Burning Sky (11:36)
5. Not Beautiful Anymore // (6:42)

Soundboard Source > ?? > CDR > EAC > WAV > Soundforge 6.0 > CDWave > APE

I'm afraid I don't know what happened with this before it appeared on CDR. Soundforge was used to remove some minor glitches and CDWave was used to re-track.

Please note: Not Beautiful Anymore cuts out rather abruptly at the end, but I left it like that rather than lose any music due to fading.

Again, this is another nice soundboard recording of early Porcupine Tree. They only played 7 shows in 1994 and it's nice to have a decent recording from that era when songs from Up The Downstair were still prominant in the setlist. From here on in The SKy Moves Sideways would start entering into the equasion...