Pink Floyd - Zabriskie Point - The Sessions (Speed Corrected) Rev.A
Album info
Length  : 139:11
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 8
Live  : No
Recording Date  : 12-1969
Track List
Zabriskie Point - The Sessions (Speed Corrected) Rev.A (Disc 1) 66:05
01 Heart Beat Pig Meat (Soundtrack Version) 03:11
02 Heart Beat Pig Meat (Film Version) 02:55
03 Riot Scene 06:26
04 Fingal's Cave 01:52
05 Crumbling Land (With Rock Intro) 01:49
06 Crumbling Land (Film Version) 00:37
07 Crumbling Land (Soundtrack Version) 04:14
08 Crumbling Land (Extended Version) 05:53
09 Crumbling Land (Full Mix) 05:12
10 Unknown Song (Soundtrack Version) 05:59
11 Unknown Song (Rough Mix) 06:52
12 Unknown Song (Full Mix) 06:58
13 Country Song (Humming Version) 02:13
14 Country Song (Harpsichord Version) 01:21
15 Country Song (Soundtrack Version) 04:38
16 Country Song (Full Mix) 05:55
Zabriskie Point - The Sessions (Speed Corrected) Rev.A (Disc 2) 73:06
01 Love Scene #1 06:36
02 Love Scene #2 (Rough Mix) 06:25
03 Love Scene #2 (Full Mix) 06:55
04 Love Scene #3 07:54
05 Love Scene #4 (Soundtrack Version) 06:44
06 Love Scene #4 (Full Mix) 06:50
07 Love Scene #5 06:44
08 Love Scene #6 (Soundtrack Version) 07:25
09 Love Scene #6 (Full Mix) 07:26
10 Come In Number 51 Your Time Is Up (Soundtrack Version) 05:01
11 Come In Number 51 Your Time Is Up (Film Version) 05:06

The ultimate collection of studio sessions for ZP, recorded in Rome, Nov-Dec 1969. Fantastic SQ.

From the info file:

PINK FLOYD - Zabriskie Point - The Sessions - REV.A
[ This Place Records TPR CD 001 ]

studio sessions recorded in Rome, Nov-Dec 1969

01. Heart Beat, Pig Meat (soundtrack version)
02. Heart Beat, Pig Meat (film version)
03. Riot Scene
04. Fingal's Cave
05. Crumbling Land (with rock intro)
06. Crumbling Land (film version)
07. Crumbling Land (soundtrack version)
08. Crumbling Land (extended version)
09. Crumbling Land (full mix)
10. Unknown Song (soundtrack version)
11. Unknown Song (rough mix)
12. Unknown Song (full mix)
13. Country Song (humming version)
14. Country Song (harpsichord version)
15. Country Song (soundtrack version)
16. Country Song (full mix)

01. Love Scene #1
02. Love Scene #2 (rough mix)
03. Love Scene #2 (full mix)
04. Love Scene #3
05. Love Scene #4 (soundtrack version)
06. Love Scene #4 (full mix)
07. Love Scene #5
08. Love Scene #6 (soundtrack version)
09. Love Scene #6 (full mix)
10. Come In Nr.51, Your Time Is Up (soundtrack version)
11. Come In Nr.51, Your Time Is Up (film version)

CD1 1-7-10-15, CD2 5-8-10: 'Zabriskie Point - Extended Soundtrack' CDs
CD1 2-6, CD2 11: 'Zabriskie Point' LaserDisc
CD1 4-8-11, CD2 2: 'Omay Yad' RoIO LP
CD1 3-5-9-12-13-14-16, CD2 1-3-4-6-7-9: 'A Journey Through Time & Space' RoIO CD

Tracks from the RoIOs were carefully remastered:
- speed corrected
- levels, balance and EQ adjusted
- unwanted noise cleaned

Tracks from the 'Zabriskie Point' LaserDisc were slightly cleaned
(some static noise carefully removed).

Comments for Rev.A:
The first version used the 'Omay Yad' RoIO CD, which had muffled sound.
This time, I was able to rework the 'Omay Yad' tracks from a direct
RoIO LP rip. The versions on 'Omay Yad' LP have a far better clarity
compared to the versions on 'Omay Yad' CD, but of course I had to spend
a lot of time in order to carefully remaster them (cleaning of vinyl
noises, speed adjusting ...).
For the rest of the tracks, Rev.A offers no real upgrade in terms of
sound quality. I just did some editing work in order to smooth the
transitions between tracks (which were abrupt in some cases, on the
original version).


ZP = Zabriskie Point
ZP97 = 'Zabriskie Point' extended soundtrack released by Rhino in 1997
OY = 'Omay Yad' RoIO LP
AJTT&S = 'A Journey Through Time & Space' RoIO CD
UZP = 'Ultimate Zabriskie Point' RoIO CDs

Number of tracks:
There are 27 tracks, while on some other similar projects (e.g. UZP)
there are 29 tracks for the Zabriskie Point sessions. The explanation
is quite simple: on AJTT&S there are 2 unnecessary tracks (11 and 15).

AJTT&S track 11 is an extract of AJTT&S track 04 (this is exactly
the same as track 04, the difference is that track 11 fades out
after one minute). On UZP, there is the same duplication: UZP CD2
track 12 is exactly the same as the beginning of UZP CD2 track 09.

AJTT&S track 15 is taken from ZP97 (it fades in slightly later, but
it's clearly the soundtrack version). On UZP, there is the same
mistake: UZP CD1 track 15 is identical to the soundtrack version
(UZP CD1 track 12).

The titles used for the tracks were taken from official sources as
often as possible. The only exception is 'Fingal's Cave', for which
no official title is known, therefore the tentative title from the
original 'Omay Yad' RoIO LP manufacturers was kept.

The correct title for 'Rain In The Country' from OY is 'Unknown Song'.

'Oenone' from OY is actually one of the attempts for 'Love Scene'
(as explained in David Fricke's liner notes on the ZP97 booklet).

'Riot Scene' title was preferred above 'The Violent Sequence', because
there is no evidence that Pink Floyd ever used 'The Violent Sequence'
as the title, and David Fricke (who clearly had access to the multi-
track tapes) refers to this outtake as being 'Riot Scene', on the
official ZP97 booklet.

The tracks marked 'soundtrack version' are taken from ZP97.
The tracks marked 'film version' are taken from ZP LaserDisc.
The two tracks marked 'rough mix' are taken from OY.

On AJTT&S, most of the outtakes are not really 'alternate versions',
but rather 'alternate mixes' (i.e. same take as on the official
version, but differently mixed). Apparently these mixes contain all
the tracks from the multi-track tape, while on the official versions
some tracks were left out of the mix. This is why these alternate
mixes from AJTT&S are called 'full mix' here.

More details about the different versions are given below.

Numbering of 'Love Scene' outtakes:
Here is what we know from official sources:
- Pink Floyd made at least 6 attempts for 'Love Scene'
- #4 is the quiet piano piece
- #6 is the blues piece
- the outtake known as 'Oenone' was an earlier attempt for 'Love
Scene' (refer to David Fricke's liner notes in the ZP97 booklet),
therefore it's one of the first 3 attempts

On AJTT&S, tracks 7-8-9 seem to come from a continuous tape (there
is no tape cut). Since track 7 is 'Love Scene #4' and track 9 is
'Love Scene #6', it is logical to assume that track 8 is 'Love
Scene #5'. It is also important to note that during the Interstellar
Expo in Paris, late 2003, a 8-track master reel of the sessions was
exposed. The label clearly mentions Love Scene #4 as a piano/vibes
track, Love Scene #6 as the 'blues version', and between them, Love
Scene #5, which is indicated as a 'vibes version', with 2 different
vibes tracks. This definitely confirms that AJTT&S track 8 must be
Love Scene #5.

On AJTT&S again, tracks 10-11-12 could be also from a continuous tape
(even if track 11 fades out early). This is why it was assumed that:
- AJTT&S track 10 = 'Love Scene #1'
- AJTT&S track 11 = 'Love Scene #2' (intro only, the complete version
being on AJTT&S track 4)
- AJTT&S track 12 = 'Love Scene #3'

Tracks order:
The songs were organised to follow the movie. This is why:
- CD1 begins with 'Heart Beat, Pig Meat'
- CD2 ends with 'Come In Nr.51, Your Time Is Up'
- 'Riot Scene' is placed after 'Heart Beat, Pig Meat' and
before 'Crumbling Land'
- 'Love Scene' is placed on CD2, just before 'Come In Nr.51'

The way the other songs are placed is a matter of taste. 'Unknown
Song' and 'Country Song' follow 'Crumbling Land'. 'Fingal's Cave'
cannot be attributed to a specific scene (it could be an attempt
for the final scene, but it could also be an attempt for the riot
scene). It is placed on CD1 track 4, just after 'Riot Scene', to
contrast with the quietness of the preceding track. It offers also
an interesting transition with the following track (the rock intro
of 'Crumbling Land' and 'Fingal's Cave' have some similarities).

For each song, the different versions were organised in order to
have a progression between the versions. When different takes were
available, the earlier takes come first. For a same take, the official
version comes first, because rough mixes and full mixes often reveal
other recorded tracks, not kept in the official mix (e.g. the vibes
during 'Love Scene #4', the piano and additional percussion during
'Unknown Song', a second drums track with tempo mistakes during
'Crumbling Land').

Description of the versions:

The 'film version' is an alternate mono mix. The intro (before the
first organ notes) is longer than on the soundtrack version. The
sounds and background noises are differently mixed (especially the
orchestra snippets). The last part is edited.

The only available version is an outtake. This song is often called
'The Violent Sequence' by the fans, although there is no evidence
that this title was used by Pink Floyd. It was played live during
shows in early 1970 (with bass and drums). The song later re-emerged
as 'Us And Them'.

The only available version is an outtake. The title was given by the
manufacturers of the 'Omay Yad' RoIO LP.

The first version is an early take, where there is a solid rock intro,
directly followed by the song itself. In fact only the first verse of
the song was recorded during this early take.
Curiously, the 'film version' comes from the early take mentioned
above, and not from the final take that appears on the soundtrack.
The 'extended version' is basically the same as the soundtrack
version, but the ending with cars and street noises is uncut.
The 'full mix' version is from the same take as the soundtrack
version, but here all the tracks are in the mix, even tracks with
some experimentation (e.g. a second drums track with mistakes).

The 'rough mix' version (entitled 'Rain In The Country' in OY) comes
from the same take as the soundtrack version (recorded 06Dec69), but
there are edits here and there, and some instruments not mixed in the
official version can be heard here (percussion, piano). The lead
guitar is different.
The 'full mix' version is also from the same take, with all the tracks
in the mix and without edit.

The 'humming version' and 'harpsichord version' are early attempts.
The 'full mix' version is from the same take as the soundtrack
version (recorded 12Dec69), but is slightly differently mixed. This
version is also uncut and is more than one minute longer than the
soundtrack version.

'Love Scene #1' is just organ and guitar.
'Love Scene #2' is much more elaborated, with more keyboards, more
guitar tracks, vibes and percussion. The 'rough mix' version
(entitled 'Oenone' in OY) has some edits and does not include all
the tracks. The 'full mix' version has all the tracks in the mix,
including an explicit sex scene, with 'vocals' from Roger and David!
'Love Scene #3' is another take, with similar instrumentation.
'Love Scene #4' is a quiet piano piece (recorded 16Nov69), overdubbed
with vibes. The soundtrack version only includes the piano, while the
'full mix' version has the overdubs.
'Love Scene #5' is a vibes duo.
'Love Scene #6' is a blues piece, played by the whole band (recorded
16Nov69). The 'full mix' version is from the same take as the
soundtrack version, but is slightly differently mixed (note that the
piano is on the left at the beginning and the suddenly moves to the

This song is actually 'Careful With That Axe, Eugene' revisited.
The 'film version' is an alternate mono mix. The organ is louder in
the mix, and one guitar track is edited out.

Tracks Mapping:
Here's a table with the correspondences between the tracks and the
RoIO sources: AJTT&S and OY. For info, the corresponding track in
the UZP project is also indicated.

Heart Beat... (soundtrack version) | | | 01 | |
Heart Beat... (film version) | | | 02 | |
Riot Scene | 02 | | 10 | |
Fingal's Cave | | 02 | | 14 |
Crumbling Land (with rock intro) | 06 | | 07 | |
Crumbling Land (film version) | | | 06 | |
Crumbling Land (soundtrack version) | | | 03 | |
Crumbling Land (extended version) | | 04 | 05 | |
Crumbling Land (full mix) | 14 | | 04 | |
Unknown Song (soundtrack version) | | | 12 | |
Unknown Song (rough mix) | | 05 | 14 | |
Unknown Song (full mix) | 01 | | 13 | |
Country Song (humming version) | 03 | | | 03 |
Country Song (harpsichord version) | 05 | | | 04 |
Country Song (soundtrack version) | | | | 01 |
Country Song (full mix) | 13 | | | 02 |
Love Scene #1 | 10 | | | 10 |
Love Scene #2 (rough mix) | | 01 | | 13 |
Love Scene #2 (full mix) | 04 | | | 09 |
Love Scene #3 | 12 | | | 11 |
Love Scene #4 (soundtrack version) | | | | 07 |
Love Scene #4 (full mix) | 07 | | | 08 |
Love Scene #5 | 08 | | 11 | |
Love Scene #6 (soundtrack version) | | | | 05 |
Love Scene #6 (full mix) | 09 | | | 06 |
Come In Nr.51... (soundtrack version) | | | 08 | |
Come In Nr.51... (film version) | | | 09 | |



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