Pink Floyd - Dawn Of The Piper Rev. A (HRV CDR 018)
Album info
Length  : 71:47
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 7
Live  : No
Recording Date  : Various
Track List
01 Lucy Leave 02:53
02 King Bee 03:03
03 Interstellar Overdrive (San Francisco) 15:03
04 Arnold Layne (acetate) 02:36
05 Candy and a Currant Bun (acetate) 02:01
06 Interstellar Overdrive (GranadaTV without voiceover) 04:18
07 Interstellar Overdrive (French EP) 05:18
08 Flaming (US single) 02:45
09 Pow R Toc H (Look of the Week) 00:34
10 Astronomy Domine (Look of the Week) 03:58
11 See Emily Play (acetate #2) 02:51
12 Experiment 01:32
13 Sunshine (splice) 01:08
14 Scream Thy Last Scream (Jenner stereo mix) 04:39
15 Set the Controls (Top Gear) 03:20
16 Reaction in G (Top Gear) 00:36
17 Vegetable Man (Jenner stereo mix) 02:27
18 Remember A Day (instrumental) 04:28
19 Apples and Oranges (stereo mix) 03:02
20 Pow R Toc H (Top Gear) 05:15

Recorded at various studio locations between 1965 and 1967. Fantastic SQ.

From the info file:

Hello Harvested Fans!

Our latest Rev A release is now ready for weeding!!

This release has literally been 'years in the making.'

Over the last two years Marc-Olivier and I have put in countless hours to bring this release to life.

The original Dawn of the Piper was released many many years ago in audio format. An official rev A edition in shorten format was seriously needed.

However, with the release of BBC Archives 1967-1969 many of the tracks on Dawn of the Piper became redundant. I made the decision to remove all the redundant tracks and replace them with new, yet appropriate, material.

Tracks for this release needed to meet three simple requirements:

1) The track must be a Pink Floyd track with Syd Barrett. No post-Syd Pink Floyd material and no post-Floyd Syd Barrett material. This is after-all 'Dawn' of the Piper.

2) The track must be a pleasant listen. No real rough and crappy sounding recordings (like the Let's Roll Another One rehearsal recording). No commentator in the foreground with music in the background recordings (like the Matilda's Mother track taken from the Granada TV film on the Underground).

3) No material that has ever been officially released on CD. This last requirement meant deleting the mono Arnold Layne track from the original Dawn of the Piper track list.

By an amazing case of serendipity, the 20 tracks that met these criteria all fit nicely on a single CDR.

Here's the track list for Dawn of the Piper Rev A HRV-CDR-018:

01 Lucy Leave
02 King Bee
The original 5-member Pink Floyd line-up. With Bob Klose on lead guitar and Syd Barrett on rhythm guitar. Possibly recorded at Regent Sound studio around May 1965 (according to Bob Klose whose memory seems a bit better than Nick Mason's on the subject).

03 Interstellar Overdrive
Taken from the film 'San Francisco'. Recorded at Thompson Private Recording Studios on 31 October 1966 (or there about).

04 Arnold Layne
05 Candy and a Currant Bun
Taken from the original acetates demoed to EMI. Recorded at Sound Techniques studio from 23-25 January 1967. After hearing these acetates, EMI signed Pink Floyd to a recording contract on 1 February 1967.
When they created this Arnold Layne acetate, they cut out the organ solo. I don't know why they did that.
Knowing that EMI would object to the drug references in the lyrics to Let's Roll Another One, Syd rewrote them to create this Candy and a Currant Bun acetate. EMI still objected to the 'I'm high' lyrics anyway. So the band had to go back to Sound Techniques and rerecord it.

06 Interstellar Overdrive
Recorded live at UFO on 27 January 1967 by Granada TV (not 20 January has erroneously reported in some sources). This version is cut as per the editing for the program 'Underground: Scene Special'. Interestingly, this version lacks the narrator commentary that appears in the final broadcast version.
First broadcast on 8 March 1967 (not 7 February as erroneously predicted by Melody Maker).

07 Interstellar Overdrive
Taken from the French EP released 11 April 1967. Pink Floyd attempted to create a shorter version of IO especially for France during a recording sessions on 16 March and 22 March 1967.
These were abandoned. The French version was edited from the same source used for the LP (recorded 27 February 1967), just a different mix.

08 Flaming
Taken from the US single, released 2 November 1967. The original US release of Piper at the Gates of Dawn did not include the song Flaming. It was released later as a single.
This version of Flaming comes from the same recording used for the UK version (16 March 1967) but has a slightly different mix.

09 Pow R Toc H
10 Astronomy Domine
Taken from the BBC's 'Look of the Week' television program (14 May 1967).

11 See Emily Play
Taken from acetate #2 of 21 May 1967 recordings made at Sound Techniques. Two acetates are known. They are numbered 1 and 2 based on the order in which they were discovered. This second acetate features a slightly extended ending.

12 Experiment
Much about this recording is unknown, including the title. Traditionally, it's been called Experiment (as we do here) or Sunshine. But that was before anyone learned what Sunshine really was.

13 Sunshine
Sunshine is really the last section of Matilda Mother.
Matilda Mother had been rerecorded on 7 June 1967. However, Norman Smith decided that the instrumental section in the middle was too long. During an editing session on 29 June, he literally cut the tape into three pieces. The first part was called 'Matilda Mother', the second part (the part being deleted) was called 'Wondering and Dreaming', and the third part was called 'Sunshine' (based on a convenient lyrical reference at that point). Parts one and three were then spliced together to create the official version. On the stereo release, the 'Sunshine' lyric in the left channel gets overpowered by the 'For all the time spent in that room' lyric that predominates the right channel. To better hear and appreciate 'Sunshine', I've made a mono version of just the left channel starting at the splice point.

14 Scream Thy Last Scream
Recorded at Abbey Road on 7 August 1967. This track is taken from a stereo mix done my Peter Jenner in 1974.

15 Set The Controls
16 Reaction in G
Taken from the BBC's inaugural 'Top Gear' Radio 1 program aired on 1 October 1967 (not from a pirate radio rebroadcast).
The tracks were recorded at the BBC's Playhouse Theatre on 25 September 1967. The DJs heard on these tracks are Pete Drummond and John Peel. Both DJs were former Radio London DJs (which had shut down on 14 August 1967). Note, the Marine Offenses Act (which took effect 15 August 1967) made these offshore pirate radio stations illegal.

17 Vegetable Man
Recorded at De Lane Lea on 9-11 October 1967. This track is taken from a stereo mix done my Peter Jenner in 1974.

18 Remember a Day
This instrumental version of the song is taken from the DVD of the Syd Barrett spoof film 'Remember a Day' starring Darryl Read. Recorded at De Lane Lea on 9-11 October 1967.

19 Apples and Oranges
Recorded at Abbey Road on 26-27 October 1967. This track is the stereo version taken from the Masters of Rock LP.

20 Pow R Toc H
Taken from the BBC's 'Top Gear' Radio 1 program aired on 31 December 1967. The track was recorded 20 December 1967 at the BBC's Maida Vale studio. Although this track appears on our BBC Archives 1967-1969 release, it is not the same.
The BBC archives version is taken from a rebroadcast of the show and has the ending significantly cut short. This track here on Dawn of the Piper rev A contains the entire song from the recently uncovered original broadcast.


The Harvested team has gone to great pains to bring you the best possible quality sound for each of these twenty tracks.
Many times, fresh transfers were taken from the original source tapes and discs.