Pink Floyd - The Massed Gadgets of Auximenies (HRV CDR 009)
Album info
Length  : 93:24
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 14-04-1969
Track List
The Massed Gadgets of Auximenies (HRV CDR 009) (Disc 1) 39:01
01 Daybreak (Part 1) 06:16
02 Work 08:40
03 Afternoon 05:25
04 Doing It 05:19
05 Sleeping 10:55
06 Daybreak (Part 2) 02:26
The Massed Gadgets of Auximenies (HRV CDR 009) (Disc 2) 54:23
01 The Beginning 04:36
02 Beset By The Creatures Of The Deep 08:25
03 The Narrow Way 04:46
04 The Pink Jungle 04:18
05 The Labyrinths Of Auximenies 08:31
06 Behold the Temple Of Light 06:42
07 The End Of The Beginning 05:50
08 Interstellar Overdrive 11:15

Recorded at the Royal Festival Hall, London, UK. Very good audience recording.

From the info file:

Pink Floyd - HRV CDR009 - The Massed Gadgets of Auximenies

Royal Festival Hall, London / April 14, 1969
Label: Harvested HRV CDR009
Audio Source: audience recording
Lineage: Original Harvested shn-files --> FLAC 8 --> MWP
(see protocol file for conversion details)

Artwork: included

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Number of Discs: 2
Disc 1 Running time 38m 59s / Disc 2 Running Time 54m 21s


April 14, 1969 - Royal Festival Hall, London
Comments: 1st performance of The Man & the Journey. Gilmour recieves an electric shock sending him across the stage during the show. drugged girl runs out screaming at sight of monster costume sitting next to her

What were 'The Man' and 'The Journey'?
[With much help from Adam Winstanley and others]: In fact several concert recordings exist of The Man and The Journey and many people probably possess RoIOs of these pieces without realising it. The Man and The Journey were two parts of 'More Furious Madness From The Massed Gadgets of Auximenies' and consisted of several well-known Floyd tunes linked into a concept piece as follows:

More Furious Madness From The Massed Gadgets Of Auximenies

Part One: The Man (representing a day in the life of a man)
Daybreak ('Granchester Meadows')
Work and Afternoon ('Biding My Time') [the band was served afternoon tea on stage at this point]
Doing It (instrumental) ('Grand Vizier's Garden Party, pt 3')
Nightmare ('Cymbaline')
Daybreak (reprise)

Part Two: The Journey
The Beginning ('Green is the Colour')
Beset By Creatures of the Deep ('Careful With That Axe Eugene')
The Narrow Way ('The Narrow Way part 3')
The Pink Jungle ('Pow R Toc H')
The Labyrinths of Auximenes ('Moonhead')
Behold the Temple of Light ('Nile Song'-based instrumential)
The End of the Beginning ('Sauceful of Secrets' - final part)

The complete piece lasted about 70 minutes.

The Man and the Journey (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

The Man and the Journey is the name of a conceptual music piece performed at Pink Floyd live shows in 1969. It consists of several of their early songs coupled with material that would appear on Music from the Film More and Ummagumma, as well as unreleased songs. The material was incorporated into two album-length suites, The Man and The Journey. The concerts also included visual performance elements such as the sawing and construction of a table and consumption of afternoon tea onstage.
The concept was first performed 14 April, 1969 at the Royal Festival Hall in a show billed as The Massed Gadgets of Auximenes - More Furious Madness from Pink Floyd. A truncated version of the show was recorded 12 May, 1969 for the Top Gear radio programme. The 17 September performance in Amsterdam is the most widely bootlegged of the shows on the tour because it was broadcast by radio station VPRO. Plans for an official live album release of The Man and the Journey were considered, but abandoned due to overlap of material with Ummagumma.
To most fans, the work is either entirely unknown or at least unrecognized as the genesis of Pink Floyd's 'themed pieces'. The band themselves have seldom made reference to it in later interviews. Yet the unique combination of quadraphonic sound effects, abstract program music, and recursive themes all of which can be traced to The Man and The Journey were to become further developed in the band's most enduring music, culminating in 1983 with their album The Final Cut.

On 14 April 1969, at Royal Festival Hall, they debuted their new pan pot 360 degree sound system dubbed the 'Azimuth Coordinator'. This show, named 'More Furious Madness from the Massed Gadgets of Auximenes', consisted of two experimental 'suites', 'The Man' and 'The Journey'. Most of the songs were either renamed earlier material or under a different name than they would eventually be released.
A UK tour of 'The Man/The Journey' occurred during May and June 1969 culminating in the show dubbed 'The Final Lunacy' at Royal Albert Hall on 26 June 1969. Considered one of the most experimental concerts by Pink Floyd, it featured a crew member dressed as a gorilla, a cannon that fired, and band members sawing wood on the stage. At the finale of 'The Journey' suite the band was joined on stage by the brass section of the Royal Philharmonic and the ladies of the Ealing Central Amateur Choir, and at the very end a huge pink smoke bomb was let off.
An additional complete performance of 'The Man/The Journey' occurred at the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam on 17 September and was taped and later broadcast by Dutch radio station Hilversum 3. Portions of the suites were being performed as late as early 1970.

Azimuth co-ordinator (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

The Azimuth coordinator was the first quadraphonic sound system. Pink Floyd became the first band to use it in their early shows.
The Azimuth coordinator was a multi-speaker pan pot system. It used four large rheostats housed in a large box, converted from 270 degrees rotation to 90 degrees. The system was operated by a joystick, which allowed the sound to be panned around the hall. The Azimuth coordinator was operated by keyboardist Rick Wright. The original one was stolen after the first concert in Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, England. A second system was built for the concert at the Royal Festival Hall in London on April 14, 1969. The second one had two pan pots and four channels.

Info: This is the ninth Harvested release.


Disc 1
01 - Daybreak (Part 1) 6:16
02 - Work 8:39
03 - Afternoon 5:25
04 - Doing It 5:18
05 - Sleeping 10:55
06 - Daybreak (Part 2) 2:25

Disc 2
01 - The Beginning 4:35
02 - Beset By The Creatures Of The Deep 8:25
03 - The Narrow Way 4:46
04 - The Pink Jungle 4:18
05 - The Labyrinths Of Auximenies 8:30
06 - Behold the Temple Of Light 6:42
07 - The End Of The Beginning 5:49
08 - Interstellar Overdrive 11:15

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101 - Daybreak (Part One).flac:464bf6414ad4599b12b179963d079650
102 - Work.flac:d642ba9e583fae28437666b462f00b7d
103 - Afternoon.flac:4b5380043279b7317157daa6e6d05460
104 - Doing It.flac:4921b88a06880b9b3dee750941c90e79
105 - Sleeping.flac:00b1cf67c124ec376b7790ce9a2560f2
106 - Daybreak (Part Two).flac:9e98bd6464bee238380c0d666ccd6c5b

201 - The Beginning.flac:31f0e597ac0fe0f272fdaef34e699dae
202 - Beset By Creatures Of The Deep.flac:cc5c95f7b6c0c773a0d59117ad177ff5
203 - The Narrow Way.flac:762bc9de615997e61c2bfc2d96c1f4b8
204 - The Pink Jungle.flac:e2b7f6dd94e037c613982b7e6b37fa7e
205 - The Labyrinths Of Auximenes.flac:ceb85345f183c7278fe30f632d3e7f4f
206 - Behold The Temple Of Light.flac:4732f7fab5de4dd27b8f458c6907c25a
207 - The End Of The Beginning.flac:55a86ee9e1f53e8a5f4d991515710a59
208 - Interstellar Overdrive (encore).flac:f9a5b3f87135bde679c873df46261f89