Porcupine Tree - Moving Sideways At The Academy
Album info
Length  : 120:59
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 08-12-2007
Track List
Moving Sideways At The Academy (Disc 1) 60:01
01 Fear Of A Blank Planet 09:23
02 What Happens Now? 07:48
03 The Sound Of Muzak 06:23
04 Lazarus 05:03
05 Anesthetize 17:35
06 Open Car 04:59
07 Dark Matter 08:50
Moving Sideways At The Academy (Disc 2) 60:58
01 Blackest Eyes 05:31
02 Cheating The Polygraph 08:02
03 A Smart Kid 06:50
04 Way Out Of Here 07:41
05 Sleep Together 09:35
06 The Sky Moves Sideways 09:51
07 Trains 06:48
08 Halo 06:40

Recorded at the Carling Academy, Manchester, UK. Very good audience recording.

From the info file:

Fear Of A Blank Planet Tour 2007 (2nd Leg)

Band: Porcupine Tree
Title: 'Moving Sideways At The Academy'
Date: 08/12/2007
Venue: Carling Academy
City: Manchester, England - UK
Recording Type: Audience

Taper: Simon_LDT
Location: About 35ft from Stage, Central Position
Source: AT933/H > Custom Battery Box (69hz Roll-off) > Edirol R-09 (Line-in, 24/48)
Transfer: R-09 > PC (via USB) > Adobe Audition v1.5 > R8Brain > CDWave > Traders Little Helper > Flac (Level 6)

Artwork: Jamiel (http://www.cdr.vplay.co.uk/ptmc1.html)
Mastering: Simon_LDT

Mastering Notes:

Bass cut and slight high-end lift (Graphic EQ), Hard Limiting, Normalize and dithering to 16bit.

Disc 1:- (Total: 60:01)
1. Fear Of A Blank Planet.......... (9.23)
2. What Happens Now?.......... (7:48)
3. The Sound Of Muzak........... (6:22)
4. Lazarus.......... (5:03)
5. Anesthetize.......... (17:35)
6. Open Car.......... (4:59)
7. Dark Matter.......... (8:49)

Disc 2:- (Total: 61:00)
1. Blackest Eyes.......... (5:30)
2. Cheating The Polygraph.......... (8:02)
3. A Smart Kid.......... (6:50)
4. Way Out Of Here.......... (7:41)
5. Sleep Together.......... (9:34)
6. The Sky Moves Sideways.......... (9:50)
7. Trains........... (6:48)
8. Halo.......... (6:41)

Band Line-Up:-
Steven Wilson: Lead Vocals, Guitar & Keyboards
Richard Barbieri: Keyboards & Synths
Colin Edwin: Bass Guitar
Gavin Harrison: Drums
John Wesley: Guitar & Vocals

Tapers Notes:
Taped about 35ft from the stage, I found a nice central spot with a good view. I was thinkingof standing right in front of the soundboard but it looked like there were some chatty people around that area so I moved forward more. In the end it didn't matter as there were a few annoying talkers around me throughout the whole show. Still, I enjoyed a decent view between the heads in front and the show was a cracker!

Sound on the night was really good. I was a bit worried at first seeing that the Academy was still undergoing construction work outside but the sound was spot-on, really well balanced and mixed.

Recording turned out quite nice, not quite as good as my Nottingham recording (10-12-2007) but still a cracking listen. A thin layer of distortion in places, not due to hot levels though. I actually found out after the show that my battery box must have been the cause. I ran a different box in Nottingham with perfect results.
I did a simple EQ to remove a lot of bass (was quite boomy) and added a little bit of high-end. I then hard limited some of the peaks and normalised to -0.5db.


Other Notes:
Titled 'Moving Sideways At The Academy' because they pulled out 'The Sky Moves Sideways' (was also the last time they played it on this current tour).
I missed most of Anathema's set but I got to see the full set in Nottingham a few nights later.
As usual, PT didn't disappoint at all. They put on a great show and the atmosphere was great too.
There were a couple of mistakes on the night, a funny one was in 'Way Out Of Here' where it kind of went out of tune for a few bars (it looked to me like Wes was trying to tune his guitar up while playing). They got back into it very well though. I think they might have been struggling all night with guitars staying in tune (I noticed them tuning up nearly every song).'The Sky Moves Sideways' was the highlight for me. I never thought the band would ever play it again, but I'm so glad they dropped it back in for this tour.

More oldies next tour would be amazing (Signify, Stars Die, Dislocated Day, The Moon Touches Your Shoulder... To name a few I'd like to see them play).

A big thanks to Gebs for the mics and Jamiel for the excellent artwork.

I didn't tape Anathema.


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