Pink Floyd - Pro-Shot In Europe 1969-1972
Album info
Length  : 76:33
Format  : DVD
Rating  : 8
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : Various
Track List
01 Menus / Intro 00:16
02 Amougies 08:10
03 Rotterdam 09:54
04 Royaumont 18:50
05 Brighton 16:49
06 Bonus: Hamburg 02:10
07 Bonus: Offenbach 01:36
08 Bonus: 'Pop Deux' - OBC Sessions 15:42
09 Bonus: Robert Wyatt feat. NM 03:06

Collection of pro-shot video footage. Amazing. See info file below, on top of that there are 4 bonus films:

* AHM extracts from Hamburg 25Feb71 (from ZDF 'Aspekte' TV broadcast 02Mar71, same as on 'A Hamburg Moment' but without German DJ, just the music!)

* Extract from ASOS in Offenbach 26Feb71 (from ZDF 'Aspekte' TV broadcast 02Mar71, same as on 'A Hamburg Moment' but without German DJ, just the music!)

* 'Pop Deux' French TV documentary filmed in Herouville on 25Feb72 during the OBC sessions, and broadcast on 04Mar72. Contains rough mixes of Whots Uh The Deal, OBC and The Gold It's In The..., and interviews with Barbet Schroeder (La Vallee film maker), Bulle Ogier (actress in La Vallee), David Gilmour & Roger Waters. With English sub-titles during the interviews.

* Robert Wyatt appearance on Top Of The Pops (miming 'I'm A Believer') featuring Nick Mason and Andy Summers, originally broadcast by BBC on 13Sep74. The bonus on the DVD comes from my own PAL VHS recorded during the TOTP2 rebroadcast from 05Feb03. The stereo single version was used for the audio track.

(text by MOB)

From the info file:

PINK FLOYD - Pro-Shot In Europe 1969-1972

Video : MPEG-2, 720x576, 4:3, 25fps, PAL
6000kbps (except Brighton: 8000kbps)
Audio : Linear PCM 48kHz, 1536 kbps
Length: 54 min

Amougies, Mont de l'Enclus, Festival Actuel, 25Oct69
- Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
- Careful With That Axe, Eugene

Rotterdam, Kralingse Bos, Holland Pop Festival, 28Jun70
- Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
- A Saucerful Of Secrets

1971: FRANCE
Royaumont, Abbaye de Royaumont, 15Jun71
- Cymbaline
- Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

Brighton, The Dome, 28-29Jun72
- Careful With That Axe, Eugene
- Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

The video files from Amougies and Royaumont were received from an anonymous fan without any info about the lineage.
In order to complete the DVD, we took the best version of the Brighton footage (from 'Waking The Grapevine' DVD) and we worked on the audio in order to remove some crackles and drop-outs from the original transfer and improve the sound quality. So big thanks to A_L who gave his permission to use his transfer for this DVD! We also want to thank Ron Toon who gave his permission to use the Stamping Ground videos from Harvested's Pink Floyd Video Anthology. Again, we improved the original audio, this time by using the soundtrack from 'Rock Fieber' DVD, which was the best audio quality we could find for the Holland Pop Festival.

Four successive years ...
Four European countries ...
Four live performances professionally filmed ...

While the extracts from the 1970 Holland Pop Festival and the 1972 Brighton footage filmed by Peter Clifton are circulating for some time now, the sound quality presented here is the best we've heard for these documents.

But the most important thing about this DVD is the inclusion of extremely rare pro-shot footage that was not available on any VoIO until now: extracts from the 1969 Floyd performance in Amougies, and two songs from the 1971 French concert in the Royaumont Abbey.

The Amougies stuff is from the famous 25Oct69 concert where Frank Zappa joined the Floyd onstage for a jamming version of Interstellar Overdrive (unfortunately, there's no video trace of that particular moment of the festival). The video footage from Amougies comes from the 'Music Power' film shot by Jerome Laperrousaz. That documentary was shown in some French cinema theatres in 1970, but very quickly it was removed from the public circuit (the Floyd was not happy about the way the music was mixed in the film, and thought it was not representative of their true sound on stage).
On the DVD, we have an almost complete version of Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, in black and white, followed by a short but intense extract from the song Careful With That Axe Eugene (the screaming part), this time in colour.

The Royaumont concert from 15Jun71 was filmed by French ORTF TV, and two songs were broadcast less than a month later (12Jul71) in a program called 'Cinq grand sur la Deux'.
On this DVD we have the complete broadcast, which consists of Cymbaline followed by Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun.

The viewing of these 4 pro-shot documents reveals the band evolution between 1969 and 1972. By coincidence, each document shows two songs of the filmed performance, and each time, one of them is Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (thus appearing four times on the DVD).