Pink Floyd - Project Birmingham (HRV CDR 024)
Album info
Length  : 110:42
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 11-02-1970
Track List
Project Birmingham (HRV CDR 024) (Disc 1) 46:53
01 The Embryo 12:03
02 Main Theme from More 12:18
03 Careful With That Axe, Eugene 10:20
04 Sysyphus 12:12
Project Birmingham (HRV CDR 024) (Disc 2) 63:49
01 Project Birmingham 24:34
02 Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 13:47
03 The Amazing Pudding (aka Atom Heart Mother) 25:28

Recorded at the Town Hall, Birmingham, UK. Very good audience recording (not the best SQ but very good imho). More important: the very interesting set list.

From (part of) the info file:

Pink Floyd - Project Birmingham
Recorded live at Town Hall, Birmingham, UK, February 11 1970

Label: HRV CDR024

Audio Source: Audience recording

Sound Quality: B+

Lineage: Original Harvested SHN-files --> FLAC level 8 --> MWP
(see protocol file for conversion details)

Artwork: Included

Gallery links:

Number of Discs: 2
Total running time: 110:39 (46:52 / 63:47)


Recently posted at a forum (Yeeshkul); consider yourself forwarned:

11-14-2007, 09:35 PM

Thanks for sharing Harvested. This recording was challenging to work on as the original contained a disturbing amount of hiss and quite a few songs were cut. NR was definately used at times during the remastering process and the ending of songs like 'Sysyphus' and 'The Amazing Pudding' were cheated to make the songs appear to be complete.

I really enjoy listening to this version but 'purists' and haters of NR be forwarned.


Info: Twenty-fourth in a series of Harvested uploads...


Disc 1
01 - The Embryo 12:03
02 - Main Theme from More 12:18
03 - Careful With That Axe, Eugene 10:20
04 - Sysyphus 12:11

Disc 2
01 - Project Birmingham 24:33
- feat. variations of:
- Heart Beat, Pig Meat
- Quicksilver
- Moonhead
- The Violent Sequence (aka Us And Them)
02 - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 13:47
03 - The Amazing Pudding (aka Atom Heart Mother) 25:27

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Disc 1

Disc 2

Torrent History: Originally seeded to Mind-Warp PaVilion by xuncat on November 17, 2007.

WackoBros&Sista thank the Harvested boys for their releases :)


More notes:

From the mailing list:

>>From Harvested's RonToon:

For those who are interested, here's some of the details of Project
Birmingham (which will be our NEXT release...Ed promises to be
wedding in time for X-Mas). I initially started working on this
almost 2 years ago. I had three sources to choose from; the vinyl
bootleg LP 'Violence In Birmingham' (the longest of the 3), 'The
Violent Pudding' released by JS&TBD, and a low gen analogue tape.

I mainly used the old analogue tape as my source and spliced in the
additional material from the vinyl release, which gives you a few
more minutes of AHM. I then tweaked the Hell outta this one,
balancing and boosting channels, patching lost moments and applying a
custom EQ to the whole thing. There was still an unacceptable amount
of hiss left, and for the 1st time I was willing to go with some
major noise reduction and give it a try.

I sent the files I had been working on to Chris Burns in NYC. Chis
had some professional audio equipment and volunteered to lend his
skills to the project. The NR greatly reduced the hiss, but created
an artifact that gave the impression of listening through a long
drain pipe. Still, I felt that this was an improvement over all that

The data CDs were next sent to Marc-Oliver who has a built in radar
detector for speed correction. He worked on each track, making sure
that the pitch and speed were accurate. The next step was more
difficult. Marc had trouble mailing it back to me as customs busted
the package (pretty trivial with what's going on in the world today)!
Eventually, the CDs got back to Ed via France, no less.

I was glad to be finally done with this one.... until a better source
came along!!! As soon as I heard the quality of this new recording, I
knew I would have to scrap all the work that was done and start all
over again. Which I did........

There was still hiss on this new source, but not as bad. AND, I was
able to hear some subtleties that I hadn't heard before. I also took
a new approach to remastering this show as well. I didn't want to use
any NR this time as I felt that some EQing would do the trick.

There seemed to be some strange anomolies with the source that I also
would like to mention. During some songs, the hiss seems to oscilate
in and out like a whirlwind effect. It's really not too terrible and
only rears it's ugly head in a few places for a short period of time.
In other places it just cuts in and out...almost as if someone was
playing with the Dolby button while making the dub (although I was
assured that this was not the case). These sudden 'bursts' were also
very difficult to smooth out and I only had limited success at times.

After re-assembling the entire show, I cross-dissolved different EQ
applications over the entire piece. During the quieter parts I
brought the high end down, for the louder parts I boosted the bass
and midrange a bit. Next, it was back to balancing and boosting
levels again and all the general work I had done before. Lastly, I
speed corrected the entire thing, using M-O's previous effort as a
reference. I'm sure that the speed will be pretty close, although it
does vary from time to time.

This performance has an incredible setlist, one of my favorites, and
it's mostly instrumental! If you can make it through the opening
minute of Embryo (which is totally distorted and over-saturated),
you'll be in for a real treat for what follows. You will also find
that Sysyphus and AHM (aka The Violent Pudding) are now complete, and
the missing bits were NOT sourced from an alternate show. However, Dr
FrankenToon did 'cheat' to make them complete ; )



>>From Harvested's Ed P.:

Hello Again,

The air is thick with anticipation.

Harvested's next release will be available soon, I promise.

I wanted to take a few moments to discuss Project Birmingham and make a request
to the group.

For the benefit of those that are a little less knowledgeable than others, I'll
go over a little of the history of this show.

Basically, the February 11, 1970 performance in Birmingham has produced the most
infamous Pink Floyd RoIOs of all time. Why is that?

It's a combination of two factors -- the set list and the sound quality.

After completing the 'Man and the Journey' tour in 1969, and before settling
down to the standard setlist that would become the 'Atom Heart Mother' tour, the
band was very experimentative with their setlist and even included songs from
their most recent project -- Zabriskie Point.

The setlist:
The Embryo
The Main Theme from More
Careful With That Axe, Eugene
Heart Beat, Pig Meat
The Violent Sequence
Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
The Amazing Pudding

Of these songs, Embryo, Careful, and Set the Controls were quite common numbers
in Floyd shows; but the others...

Variations of Quicksilver and Moonhead had been standard numbers during the Man
and the Journey performances. But this was not an M&J performance. These
tracks here, in their normal form, are quite rare.

The Main Theme from More, Heart Beat Pig Meat, and The Violent Sequence are
equally rare tracks without caveat. Variations of these songs did not appear in
M&J or other tours.

Although Atom Heart Mother would become standard faire, it's precursor - The
Amazing Pudding - is quite rare as well. There are subtle and not so subtle
differences between TAP and AHM. Best of all, the Birmingham performance
includes a 4 minute long drum solo by Nick Mason!

Last, but not least, is Sysyphus. This track is unique to this show!!! No
other RoIO date has it.

Obviously, this one-of-a-kind setlist makes a recording of this show a must have
in every RoIO collection. But what makes this show infamous is the sound
quality. It sucks!

I bought the 2LP Violence in Birmingham RoIO fifteen years or so ago. Now that
was a painful listening experience. The show was very very hissy, saturated,
and distorted. Add to that, vinyl pops, speed problems, and losses from a high
gen tape source... yuck!

Ron Toon to the rescue.

As Ron posted before, Ron acquired a very low gen tape source a couple years
ago, converted it to CD and speed corrected it and was almost ready to release
it, when he acquired an even lower (2nd?) gen tape and redid the whole effort.

This is what I've been working with. It's got no clicks, no pops, no speed
problems. The sound is full. You can hear subtle things that were lost on
later generation tapes. But the original problem remained: HISS.

I've been very carefully dehissing the show. Painstakingly applying just the
right amount to preserve the fidelity of the music and not create any noise
reduction artifacts.

The weeding will begin very soon. As always, Ron and I enjoy the work we do and
are happy to pass it along. But, because of the importance of this show and the
effort we've put in to produce it, Ron and I have decided to alter the weed
rules on this one slightly.

After you receive this show, you should listen to it before offering up copies
to the group. When you make your weed offer post, you should include your
comments/thoughts/observations about it as part of the offer post. And not just
a one-liner. Put some effort into composing a paragraph (or more). Thanks.

Stay Tuned,