Pink Floyd - Late Floyd Outtakes
Album info
Length  : 19:47
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : No
Recording Date  : Various
Track List
01 AMLoR Outtake 1 (Signs of Life) 03:53
02 AMLoR Outtake 2 (Dogs of War) 01:15
03 AMLoR Outtake 3 (Learning to Fly) 02:18
04 AMLoR Outtake 4 (Like a Rolling Stone) 01:49
05 TDB Outtake 1 01:48
06 TDB Outtake 2 02:33
07 TDB Outtake 3 02:32
08 TDB Outtake 4 03:39

Demos and outtakes from the Waters-less Floyd.
Note: the AMLoR outtakes are FLAC files, the DB outtakes are SHN files.

Info from

The 4 'AMLOR outtakes' are actually the following songs:
1. Signs Of Life (outtake 1987)
2. The Dogs Of War (outtake 1987)
3. Learning To Fly (Jon Carin demo 1986)
4. Like A Rolling Stone (DG demo, probably 1983)

My theory is that it comes from a tape David Gilmour brought in BBC Radio One studios for the Shine On special, broadcast on 28Jul92. During this special radio show, David Gilmour was interviewed and he played the Learning To Fly demo (which is Jon Carin 1986, not Pink Floyd BTW) and Like A Rolling Stone demo (David solo). My guess is that on the same tape prepared by Gilmour himself, were the 2 real 1987 Floyd outtakes (Signs Of Life and The Dogs Of War), but these tracks were not broadcast for some reason (maybe they ran out of time during the interview?).

As beeerlover said, these 4 tracks seem to be lossy, and most of all they are in mono (while the broadcast versions by BBC Radio One are stereo). But quality is great!

I can imagine some BBC Radio technician having the tape briefly before the live interview, doing a copy hastily (and maybe with settings in 'mono'). Then it 'escaped' (maybe the technician gave mp3 copies to close friends?).

It's interesting to note that the first 3 tracks (SIgns Of Live, The Dogs Of War and Learning To Fly) were already available, although in a very discrete way: when producing the Hangar Rehearsals 2DVD set for Cochon Production, we put these tracks during the menus (at correct speed, the current versions are slightly too slow). It's always very disappointing when you have hundreds of people downloading a DVD, saying how much the DVD is great, but nobody notices the audio of the menus has some treasures!

(same could be said for the Division Bell outtakes, that were already available - although not totally complete - as the audio soundtrack in the menus of The Division Bell Anthology 2DVD set from Psychedelic Closet records).

Thanks anyway beeerlover for liberating these rare outtakes. You're right about the lossy nature of the AMLOR outtakes. On the other hand, the DB outtakes are certainly over-processed, dehissed, dolby'ed, but maybe not mp3. The 4th outtake from DB has some chords progression that later became part of What Do You Want From Me.