Porcupine Tree - Vigevano, Italy (SBD)
Album info
Length  : 75:02
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 11-07-1999
Track List
01 Even Less 07:57
02 Piano Lessons 05:15
03 Waiting Phase 1 04:29
04 Up The Downstair 07:33
05 Don't Hate Me 08:41
06 Signify 06:06
07 Pure Narcotic 05:21
08 A Smart Kid 05:20
09 Voyage 34 11:39
10 The Colour Of Air 03:28
11 I Find That I'm Not There 03:47
12 Wire The Drum 05:26

Recorded at 'Vigevano Open Air' at the Castello Visconteo, Vigevano, Italy. SBD recording, amazing SQ.

From the info file:

Porcupine Tree - July 11, 1999
Vigevano Open Air - Castello Visconteo
Vigevano, Italy.

01 Even Less 7:56
02 Piano Lessons 5:14
03 Waiting (Part 1) 4:29
04 Up The Downstair 7:32
05 Don't Hate Me 8:41
06 Signify 6:06
07 Pure Narcotic 5:21
08 A Smart Kid 5:19
09 Voyage 34 11:39
__ The Sky Moves Sideways (Phase 1)
10 a) The Colour of Air 3:28
11 b) I Find That I'm Not There 3:47
12 c) Wire The Drum 5:26

Steven Wilson: guitar, vocals
Richard Barbieri: keyboards, electronics
Colin Edwin: bass guitar
Chris Maitland: drums, percussion, backing vocals

A superb, pristine soundboard recording from Steven and the boys, 75:06 in length.

One song is missing from the setlist. The 10th track would have been 'Stop Swimming' but, unfortunately, numerous skips and blips made this song well beyond repair. Sadly, all known sources of this recording seem to exhibit the same defects on Track 10.
Also, it seems that the encores, 'Dislocated Day' and 'Radioactive Toy', were not recorded. Aside from these missing numbers, it is a perfect concert which fits neatly on one disk!

The original disks were extracted on my Mac using error correction software in iTunes 4.5, build 31, the files carefully listened to for defects and then converted to SHN using xACT OS-X v1.2. This SHN disk also contains the artwork in JPEG and PDF format in the ART folder.

Since these files were generated on a Macintosh, the MD5 checksum file was created from the original mac AIFF files. On PC computers, the file standard is .WAV so I have created MD5s for the .WAV files, one for the .AIF files, and one for the original SHNs. Even at that, the .WAV MD5 may not report file integrity properly because of subtle file structure differences. Please don't worry. They were verified on a PC and convert perfectly to the .WAV format without errors.

RD - June 2004


ADDITIONAL NOTES: The original files for tracks 1, 4, 7, 9 & 10 contained digitally generated defects which i have repaired. the material was then judiciously EQ'd to liven it up a bit (it was a little dry and dull sounding to me), resplit and then reSHNed on my PC.
all of this was done using a combination of Nero, n-Track Studio 3.3, Goldwave 5.04 and mkwACT 0.97 beta 1.
there was no DAE involved in this repair process.

RD's notations regarding the original files and checksums are no longer valid as these are completely new SHN files. i have left the original information intact as a lineage reference.

SR - 11 July 2004


ADDENDUM: despite having reSHNed the files, they were still not properly sample block aligned (a problem stemming from my repaired files of which i was ignorant at the time). i 'fixed' all the files with shntool 2.0.3, generated new MD5 checksums and auditioned the entire show. all sector boundary issues have been resolved and it sounds FANTASTIC!!

SR - 27 February 2005


ADDENDUM: converted SHN files to FLAC using Foobar2000.

SR - 06 April 2008