Pink Floyd - The Unbroken Sequence
Album info
Length  : 11:26
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 8
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 12-05-1969
Track List
01 The Narrow Way - Green Is The Colour - Careful With That Axe, Eugene 11:26

Recorded at the Paris Cinema, London, UK, for BBC Nightlife. Amazing SQ.

From the info file:

I just made a quite interesting discovery after downloading the 'Celestial Voices pre-FM' Boot from the YEESHKUL Tracker.
In the Forum Karmamania asked for a good quality version of the sequence of THE NARROW WAY - GREEN IS THE COLOUR - CAREFUL WITH THAT AXE EUGENE from the BBC Night Ride Session from 1969-05-12, as this seemed to be broken on CV.
I ripped the sequence off my 'music for architectural students' original silver and speed corrected and Eq´ed it for patching the CV Tracks with it.
When I synced the to sources of the tracks i noticed that the Celstial Tracks already overlapped so that no patch from MFAS was needed.
So the tracks on CV seem to come from an unedited master or master clone.
The original sequenced version seems to have been mixed for broadcast.

As we all never heard the 1969-05-12 tracks in such pristine quality as on the recently surfaced CV pre-FM Boot and some of us are very much used to the sequenced version, here it is: A resequenced Version of 'The Narrow Way -> The Beginning -> Beset by the Creatures of the Deep' in SUP- quality.

No EQ, NR or speed correction used on the CV pre-FM source. Just sequenced is near to the known version as possible.

Thanks to chimilys for seeding this incredible boot on YEESHKUL, karmamania for (accidently) making me do it, to MOB for (accidently) making me do it aswell.