Camel - De Doelen
Album info
Length  : 24:29
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 21-11-1979
Track List
01 Ice - Who We Are - Lunar Sea 24:29

Recorded at De Doelen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Lineage: CD-R from trade (see info file below) > EAC (secure) > TLH > flac.

From the info file:

21 November 1979
De Doelen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

01 Ice
02 Who We Are
03 Lunar Sea

I received this in a trade on an audio CD-R which contained 4 tracks.
This was track 2 labeled 'De Doelen 1979-11-21'.
(Track 3 was labeled 'Nijmegen 1980-00-00' but it turned out to be the same recording as this one, albeit shorter and of lesser SQ).

I compared this to the other recording I have from this date on 'I Can See Your Cross From Here'. I noticed the following differences:
- The SQ on this recording is much better than on ICSYCFH.
- Both recordings were taken from a radio show called 'De LP show'.
- ICSYCFH has more songs, so that must have been taken from another broadcast.
- Ice is a bit more complete on this recording.
- Lunar Sea is a bit more complete on ICSYCFH.
- At the and of this recording the announcer says the tracks were recorded at '21 November last year', so ICSYCFH has this misdated (saying the tracks were recorded at 20 November).