Camel - Leeds, UK (Queen's Hall)
Album info
Length  : 45:45
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 5
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 19-10-1973
Track List
01 Earthrise 07:12
02 The White Rider 08:31
03 Six Ate 06:08
04 Supertwister 03:30
05 Lady Fantasy 13:56
06 Arubaluba 06:28

Recorded at the Queens Hall, Leeds University, Yorkshire, England. Very nice audience recording. SQ isn't the best but the recording is interesting. The taper moves during track 3, and he finds a spot where the sound is better.

From the info file:

19 October 1973
Queens Hall, Leeds University, Yorkshire, England

1 Earthrise
2 The White Rider
3 Six Ate
4 Supertwister
5 Lady Fantasy
6 Arubaluba

Peter Bardens Keyboards
Doug Ferguson Bass
Andrew Latimer Guitars, Flute, Vocals
Andy Ward Drums, Percussion

Supporting Roxy Music, Vinegar Joe and Stray. Supported by Principal Edwards, Blue, Be-Bop, Delux, Kevin Coyne and Jab-Jab.