Camel - New York, US (Electric Ladyland)
Album info
Length  : 50:41
Format  : FLAC
Rating  : 6
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 19-11-1974
Track List
01 White Rider 09:51
02 Six Ate 06:04
03 Arubaluba 06:53
04 Lady Fantasy 13:29
05 God Of Light 14:24

Recorded at Electric Ladyland, New York, NY, USA. Very good recording, probably taken from a radio broadcast. Sounds very good, but probably some NR was used on this recording.

From the info file:

19 November 1974
Ladyland, New York, NY

1 White Rider
2 Six Ate
3 Arubaluba
4 Lady Fantasy
5 God Of Light


Peter Bardens Keyboards
Doug Ferguson Bass
Andrew Latimer Guitars, Flute, Vocals
Andy Ward Drums, Percussion

Sounds like some NR was used, as the highs are a little muffled.