Pink Floyd - Zabriskie Point
Album info
Length  : 113:45
Format  : DVD
Rating  : 7
Live  : No
Recording Date  : 1970
Track List
01 Main Movie 113:45

The movie (which is great imho), transferred from LD.

From the info file:

Zabriskie Point
Transfered from LD to DVD by A_L

Video 4800kb/s 2 pass VBR
Audio: Dolby Dgiital Stereo 192kb/s

Source: MGM Letterbox Laserdisc Release

Equipment and software used:

Pioneer LD-S9 Laserdisc Player
Canopus ADVC-110 Analog to Digital video convertor
Scenalizer Live! to transfer the digital video
Virtual Dub to edit and frameserve to CineCraft Encoder Basic
DVD Lab Pro 1.5 to author dvd