Pink Floyd - RFH Rehearsals Rev.A
Album info
Length  : 25:27
Format  : DVD
Rating  : 7
Live  : Yes
Recording Date  : 14-04-1969
Track List
01 Menus 00:28
02 Main Movie 24:59

Recorded at the Royal Festival Hall, London, UK. Great footage of Pink Floyd rehearsing. Rushes by Anthony Stern.

From the info file:

This is about 20 mins of b/w footage shot at the Royal Festival Hall by Anthony Stern (it sez so right there on the opening slate). It seems that Stern was called earlier that day by the band to shoot this amazing and unique performance. Unfortunately, he didn't go through all the proper channels, and only got permission from the RFH to shoot the rehearsals and only in certain areas of the venue. This becomes apparent when the venue's security 'busts' him and orders him to turn over all of his equipment. This all takes place while the camera is still rolling, but with audio only! You can hear the escalating dialogue between Anthony and security/management as he pleads his case. Too bad he didn't go through the proper channels and pay for the rights to film the actual show, as he was evidently prepared to do, but at least we have this incredible rehearsal footage to marvel at. That's the story as Stern has pretty much confirmed.

It seems that the last bit (Rick playing the final part of ASoS of the huge house pipe organ) was outta synch, but I was able to fix that properly. Other songs include Biding My Time (with Rick briefly on trombone), Green is the Color, Cymbaline, and ASoS... all incomplete but still wonderful to watch!

This Rev.A is a substantial upgrade from the original release. The picture is much less washed out and the contrast is a lot better (the blacks ar darker) w/o any video enhancement.

This time around I can take an educated stab at the gen:

The original 16mm film was transferred at a professional studio. I'm not sure what tape stock it was transferred to, but there is a good chance that a DVD was made at the same time. I can only assume that a clone of that DVD was passed on (if it was done properly, it should be the same, but I can't know that for sure). I then received a perfect clone of that DVD which I converted to an NTSC MPEG-2 stream (CBR 8) and a PCM stream. My previous release came from an unknown PAL VHS source.